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Autumn Leaves, Original Pieces in Prose and Verse by Various, Anne Wales Abbott ed.

LibriVox logoThe pieces gathered into this volume were, with two exceptions, written for the entertainment of a private circle, without any view to publication. The editor would express her thanks to the writers, who, at her solicitation, have allowed them to be printed. They are published with the hope of aiding a work of charity,—the establishment of an Agency for the benefit of the poor in Cambridge,—to which the proceeds of the sale will be devoted. Summary by Anne W. Abbot, ed (1808-1908)

My contributions to this collaborative effort :-
“06 – The Sounds of Morning in Cambridge”
“07 – The Sounds of Evening in Cambridge”
“23 – Fashion”
“29 – The Home-Beacon”
“30 – The Fourth of July”

This way to listen to each recording, for the download locations & the book text…