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1st To Die notes; Prologue & Chapters 1 to 2

cover for 1st To Die


Quite a forceful introduction, despite it’s shortness.

The idea that Inspector Lindsay Boxer is on an emotional knife-edge, life on the balance ready to teeter into oblivion coupled with her description of a logical detective while still retaining a level of empathy her male counterpoints lack, makes the character approachable for me. I can immediately identify with her, and already have an empathy for her predicament. I have yet to know who David or Melanie Brandt is but their mention, even in passing, is of violence and death. Murder is the name of the game and the author does not fail to bring the topic directly to reader
I have a feeling (a hope) there will be no pulling of punches in this book. Continue reading


Once Bitten Twice Shy notes; Prologue & chapter 1

Once Bitten, Twice Shy

Once Bitten, Twice Shy by Jennifer Rardin

The prologue is pretty intriguing. Jaz (short for Jasmine) Parks is to be the new partner/bodyguard to a 300 year old vampire by the name of Vayl.
Vayl sounds like a kick-ass cross between Count Dracula, D’Artagnan and Spock. Oh and on top of all that power and skill, he’s a Wraith. An interesting first impression and I haven’t even met him yet.
Vayl’s Wraith ability is described in the text as;

His touch could actually freeze a man to death.

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