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1st To Die notes; Chapters 37 to 41

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Chapter 37

Lindsay’s asking Detective Hartwig some decent questions, things he doesn’t seem to either know or want to get into. Maybe because of some serious money in the neighbourhood. Either way, he’s going to have to find some answers.
To make matters more uncomfortable for the Napa local cop, it seems Lindsay’s pulled a fast one and asked Claire to meet her at the crime scene.
The Women’s Murder Club is coming into play.
What’s really interesting is Raleigh’s reaction in this chapter. Continue reading

1st To Die notes; Chapters 31 to 36

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Chapter 31

Knew this would be a fun chapter.
Poor Chris Raleigh ends up getting caught in the middle, but even though he was brought in for damage control, Lindsay manages to assert her authority and convey her dislike of Cindy’s previous conduct. The newspaper article that had Chris assigned to her in the first place.

“Who’s your friend?” Raleigh asked.
“Cindy Thomas,” she announced, extending her hand. “And you?”
“Cindy’s with the Chronicle,” I alerted him.
Raleigh did a startled double take, left in midshake like a fired worker holding the hand of his replacement.

That’s a great reaction from Chris.
I think he should be reasonably impressed, but Lindsay’s offer of an “arrangement” with the reporter may have him more than a tad worried. Even I did a double take and had to re-read that bit, fun though ’cause it keeps me interested too. Continue reading

1st To Die notes; Chapters 24 to 30

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Chapter 24

Maybe Lindsay had a feeling but her old partner goes ahead and calls it

“… Maybe we’ll just have to wait and take a shot at couple number two.”

They discuss any progress Warren Jacobi might have made with following up on the jacket and the wine but also have a brief pause where the partners edge around being reassigned. It’s a little terse but gets the point over that Warren doesn’t mince words or like the idea of not being Lindsay’s main partner on the case. I also get the feeling it’s more to do with their camaraderie than Warren looking for a promotion.
Continue reading

1st To Die notes; Chapters 18 to 23

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Chapter 18

Okay, despite what I may have said previously about her, I’m beginning to warm up to Cindy Thomas.
She appears to be genuinely interested in Lindsay, as a friend. I’m under the impression that Lindsay needs more people, more friends in her life.
Cindy has to ask about the case, it’s important to her career but she may have enough integrity not to damage her friendships and personal morals. I hope.
I honestly think that most modern day reporters have lost a large measure of their empathy, a by product of business practices wanting to sell the news. There are so few journalists today who have remained unaffected by today’s disturbing need for sensationalism. Continue reading

1st To Die notes; Chapters 13 to 17

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Chapter 13

Claire Washburn is introduced. She is San Francisco’s “chief medical examiner” and she seems to be the kind of no nonsense, no frills “I get the job done” kind of person I’ve always liked. In this book the author also makes her Lindsay’s best friend.

There wasn’t much to say about Claire Washburn, except that she was brilliant, totally accomplished, and absolutely my best friend in the world.

Their relationship seems to be pretty close, judging from Lindsay’s perspective, but it’s difficult to really tell with the current unwanted passenger of ex-Captain Raleigh, despite Claire seemingly finding the young man attractive. Continue reading

1st To Die notes; Chapters 11 and 12

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Chapter 11

This chapter provides a bit of background to Lindsay’s character, how similar she is to her mother, who didn’t make treating her diagnosed breast cancer a priority, until it was too late. Something Lindsay reflects on when thinking of the specialist she needs to contact.

Like most things in her life, even Dad’s walking out, Mom dealt with her illness only when it was too late to do anything about it.

Then there is the cop father whom she rarely sees and the younger sister who sounds vastly different from herself. Continue reading

1st To Die notes; Chapters 8 to 10

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Chapter 8

I sometimes have grave misgivings about news reporters and the fine line they sometimes cross to get the Big Story. Cindy Thomas is perhaps that type of reporter, hungry to be the next hotshot up & coming reporter with an eye on a Pulitzer maybe. She may have been able to bluff her way into the hotel and garner a few details of the homicide … Continue reading