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1st To Die notes; Chapters 13 to 17

cover for 1st To Die

Chapter 13

Claire Washburn is introduced. She is San Francisco’s “chief medical examiner” and she seems to be the kind of no nonsense, no frills “I get the job done” kind of person I’ve always liked. In this book the author also makes her Lindsay’s best friend.

There wasn’t much to say about Claire Washburn, except that she was brilliant, totally accomplished, and absolutely my best friend in the world.

Their relationship seems to be pretty close, judging from Lindsay’s perspective, but it’s difficult to really tell with the current unwanted passenger of ex-Captain Raleigh, despite Claire seemingly finding the young man attractive. Continue reading

The Gates notes; chapters 16 to 17

The Gates

Chapter 16; In Which We Visit the Abernathy House, and Decide That We Wouldn’t Want to Live There
I’d decided on that a while back.

This chapter has a touch of Enid Blyton to it. Only instead of The Famous Five, they number only four. That includes little Boswell.
Tom thinks Samuel is a bit loony but is willing to follow him to the Abernathy’s ’cause they’re mates and mates do that for other mates, you understand. While Maria is intrigued – being a scientific minded person – and knows Samuel wouldn’t lie to her. I guess this above the need to practice some cricket, while they’re waiting for dusk, proves that children are always more inclined to believe other children. No matter how daft or illogical the idea might be. (Random-ish thought; I wonder if puberty has anything to do with becoming cynical) Continue reading

Once Bitten Twice Shy notes; chapter 17

Once Bitten, Twice Shy
Chapter 17
Ack, I’ve resorted to texting (insert disdain here).
Despite this momentary lapse in composition of Formal English (my lousy grammar notwithstanding), those 8 characters convey my astonishment rather succinctly.
Allow me to elucidate.

Last chapter, Jaz felt reluctant to touch Cassandra in case the attractive psychic should delve into her psyche and reveal things Jaz does not wish to admit to or disclose to anyone else. Continue reading

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz; Notes on Chapter 17

Wonderful Wizard of Oz, The

Chapter 17. How the Balloon Was Launched

Disclaimer: notes transcribed as is, no editing has been made so as to preserve my original feelings as I read the chapter.

If nothing else, the Great Oz is a truely fantastic con-man. All three of Dorothy’s companions are blissfully happy. Damn, Oz is good. It reminds me of some thoughts I expressed at the beginning of the book; the brains, heart & courage really has been there from the start.
Oz may have duped them but I must admit, he has given them the self-confidence they were lacking.

Dorothy agrees to help Oz create a hot-air balloon. It makes sense, both Oz & Dorothy arrived by air (with some major help from nature), so the way home would have to be through flight. Pity Toto ruins her chances.

Poor Dorothy, she waits for days until Oz sends for her and it’s another three days before the balloon is ready for take-off.
Seeing Oz fly away must be a disheartening thing to see. But Oz didn’t know for sure which way Kansas & Omaha lies, so who’s to say if even he made it home. He could have landed in Tibet for all I know, Baum tells me nothing.

On a side note, Oz must have been confident about Scarecrow’s level of intelligence to leave him in charge of the Emerald City. This should boost Scarcrow’s confidence levels even more, however frightening the prospect may be.