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1st To Die notes; Chapters 13 to 17

cover for 1st To Die

Chapter 13

Claire Washburn is introduced. She is San Francisco’s “chief medical examiner” and she seems to be the kind of no nonsense, no frills “I get the job done” kind of person I’ve always liked. In this book the author also makes her Lindsay’s best friend.

There wasn’t much to say about Claire Washburn, except that she was brilliant, totally accomplished, and absolutely my best friend in the world.

Their relationship seems to be pretty close, judging from Lindsay’s perspective, but it’s difficult to really tell with the current unwanted passenger of ex-Captain Raleigh, despite Claire seemingly finding the young man attractive. Continue reading

The Gates notes; chapters 14 to 15

The Gates

Chapter 14; In Which We Learn That It Is Sometimes Wise to Be Afraid of the Dark
Ominous title.

The chapter doesn’t start very well for either Samuel or his mom. The dad wants a divorce and his beloved car. And he doesn’t believe his son about the gates.
The conversation between mom and dad doesn’t spark the important previous conversation with not-Mrs. Abernathy, so Mrs. Johnson (what is her first name?!) still hasn’t recalled the sense of danger associated with the demon.
I hope Samuel gets to chat with his mates from school soon. The boy hero needs allies. Quickly.

It was Boswell who first sensed the coming of the Darkness.

Lucky he has Boswell. If not for his trusty sidekick, Samuel might have been…you know, and then where would the story be with no-one to prevent “The Great Malevolence” from gaining entry to our world. Continue reading

Once Bitten Twice Shy notes; chapter 13 & 14

Once Bitten, Twice Shy
Chapter 13
This one’s quite a short chapter but it features Jaz finally busting loose a little. Everyone has their breaking point and although she hasn’t quite reached hers yet, she’s getting there.
The events of the past few days have taken their toll on Jasmine, too much action and not enough information to back up the events. Vayl tries to bridge at least some of the gap and provides some Intel regarding the new meeting place in which to finally meet Bergman.
The place belongs to a psychic known to Vayl. He regularly uses the services of such psychics, he tells Jaz that he is in search of his deceased sons in the hopes of finding & being reunited with their reincarnated forms. Continue reading

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz; Notes on Chapter 14

Wonderful Wizard of Oz, The

Chapter 14. The Winged Monkeys

Disclaimer: notes transcribed as is, no editing has been made so as to preserve my original feelings as I read the chapter.

The group is lost and on calling the mice for help, the Queen of the Mice helpfully inform Dorothy about the charmed Golden Cap that she is currently wearing. She uses her first wish from the Cap & asks the Winged Monkeys to help them find their way.
Of course, they can’t really refuse and so the entire party gets an airlift back to the Emerald City. During that time the King of the Winged Monkeys tells his tale.
His people’s enslavement to the whim of the Cap-wearer seems like a harsh punishment for playing a prank on the North Witch’s fiancé but even so, the Queen of the Mice did tell Dorothy that they are well known for their callous manner.

It seems that the Winged Monkeys may well make another appearance. Dorothy has two more wishes.
Even though she is back at the Emerald City, I have a feeling about the Great Oz (that has everything to do with the spoiler-fest of the movie).
Dorothy may need the Winged Monkeys assistance again, and probably will at some point free them. Even if it is unwittingly like her previous escapades.