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1st To Die notes; Chapters 11 and 12

cover for 1st To Die

Chapter 11

This chapter provides a bit of background to Lindsay’s character, how similar she is to her mother, who didn’t make treating her diagnosed breast cancer a priority, until it was too late. Something Lindsay reflects on when thinking of the specialist she needs to contact.

Like most things in her life, even Dad’s walking out, Mom dealt with her illness only when it was too late to do anything about it.

Then there is the cop father whom she rarely sees and the younger sister who sounds vastly different from herself. Continue reading

The Gates notes; chapters 11 to 12

The Gates

Chapter 11; In Which We Encounter the Scientists Again
So back to the LHC we go, not only to advance the plot even more – don’t forget the gateway to Hell is currently inside the LHC – but also a quick geeky one-sided discussion about why you can hear the Death Star blow up in space at the end of “Star Wars” when in fact it isn’t possible. Like I said, geeky.
And then we get to one professor playing back a sample of static to another professor, the second professor subsequently a case of the collywobbles, which sounds a bit like the heebyjeebies – neither term being very scientific but I get that Professor Stefan is not happy or excited by the noise even after it’s been cleaned up.

It was like listening to the mutterings of a madman in a foreign tongue, someone who had spent too long locked in a dark place feeling angry with all those responsible for putting him there.

Very creepy if you ask me, not that anyone is but I happen to agree with Professor Stefan. Continue reading

Once Bitten Twice Shy notes; chapter 12

Once Bitten, Twice Shy
Chapter 12
After her run-in with Svetlana, Jaz returns to “Club Undead” just in time her quarry, Liliana and her entourage, leave.
With no way to follow she makes for a safe house. Unfortunately she’s so distracted by Liliana and the mystery of victim Derek Steele combined with the emergence of new or augmented abilities; she hasn’t realised that the late-wife knows her every move.
It is unfortunate therefore, that Jaz lets her guard down while for Vayl to arrive with the car. Continue reading

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz; Notes on Chapter 12

Wonderful Wizard of Oz, The

Chapter 12. The Search for the Wicked Witch

Disclaimer: notes transcribed as is, no editing has been made so as to preserve my original feelings as I read the chapter.

With the glasses off, Dorothy’s dress magically becomes white along with Toto’s fancy ribbon, which kind of lends weight to my previous thoughts about the protective nature of the green glasses.

There’s an awful amount of killing going on in this chapter. Especially from Tin-man and without any remorse, strangely enough.

I’m surprised with the Witch. She defeated Oz and drove him out of the Lands of the West but has difficulty dealing with Dorothy’s party. Resorting to using her, what amounts to, third & final wish with the Golden Cap. The Winged Monkeys know better than to harm Dorothy, due to the blessing visible on her forehead. That hasn’t helped Scarecrow & Tin-man, even Lion did not escape since the Western Witch wants to use him as a steed.

More is written about the silver shoes. The Wicked Witch of the West knows about the, apparently, powerful charm on the shoes. The author doesn’t let the reader know any more about them. Just that they hold great power, the Witch wants them & Dorothy is as clueless as I am about their true nature.

Hell-fire! The Witch doesn’t last very long, I expected her to last longer than one chapter. Baum didn’t make too much of Dorothy’s enslavement or Lion’s captivity. It was all over in so few words, although the actual experience for Dorothy seems to have lasted a few days.

After all the build-up from the Great Oz about the wickedness of the Western Witch, and setting such a horrible task as to kill said Witch, it’s all very anti-climatic.