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World War Z by Max Brooks

World War ZWorld War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War (sometimes abbreviated as WWZ) is a 2006 novel by Max Brooks.

Though a follow-up to his deadpan previous book, The Zombie Survival Guide, World War Z is more serious in tone, and strives to be both factually and psychologically convincing. Brooks also states that World War Z follows the “laws” set up in The Zombie Survival Guide, and that the guide exists in this world as a precursor to the war.

The novel is a fictional account of the aftermath of a global pandemic and the events before, during and after the initial outbreaks. An agent of the United Nations Postwar Commission, “interviews” the survivors of the decade-long war against the re-animated enemy, and the author strives to provide a realistic account of what may happen and how Humans would react, should the dead rise and attack the living.
There is also an abridged audiobook version, performed by a full cast including Alan Alda, Mark Hamill and Max Brooks, won an Audie Award in 2007.


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World War Z
Chapter Index
plus notes


Part 1

  1. Dr. Kwang Jingshu
  2. Nury Televaldi
  3. Stanley MacDonald
  4. Fernando Oliveira
  5. Jacob Nyathi
  6. Jurgen Warmbrunn
  7. Saladin Kader

Part 2

  1. Bob Archer
  2. Travis D’Ambrosia
  3. Breckinridge “Breck” Scott
  4. Grover Carlson
  5. Mary Jo Miller

Part 3
The Great Panic

  1. Gavin Blaire
  2. Ajay Shah
  3. Sharon
  4. Maria Zhuganova
  5. T. Sean Collins
  6. Ahmed Farahnakian
  7. Todd Wainio

Part 4
Turning The Tide

  1. Xolelwa Azania
  2. Philip Adler
  3. Bohdan Taras Kondratiuk
  4. Jesika Hendricks
  5. Sardar Khan

Part 5
Home Front USA

  1. Arthur Sinclair, Junior
  2. “the Whacko”
  3. Joe Muhammad
  4. Roy Elliot
  5. Colonel Christina Eliopolis

Part 6
Around The World And Above

  1. David Allen Forbes
  2. Barati Palshigar
  3. Hyungchol Choi
  4. Kondo Tatsumi
  5. Sensei Tomonaga Ijiro
  6. Seryosha Garcia Alvarez
  7. Admiral Xu Zhicai
  8. Terry Knox
  9. Ernesto Olguin

Part 7
Total War

  1. General D’Ambrosia
  2. Todd Wainio
  3. Darnell Hackworth
  4. Father Sergei Ryzhkov
  5. Master Chief Petty Officer Michael Choi
  6. Andre Renard
  7. Todd Wainio

Part 8

  1. “the Whacko”
  2. Maria Zhuganova
  3. T. Sean Collins
  4. Jesika Hendricks
  5. Mary Jo Miller
  6. Dr. Kwang Jingshu
  7. Joe Muhammad
  8. Arthur Sinclair, Junior
  9. Kondo Tatsumi
  10. Philip Adler
  11. Jurgen Warmbrunn
  12. Master Chief Petty Officer Michael Choi
  13. Todd Wainio

—:— The End —:—