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Happy New Year! Amazingly it’s 2014, already!

Yes, 2014.

Amazing isn’t it. The Earth is still revolving with us little mortals stomping about on it.

I was going to write something profound and intelligent here, but I have wisely decided to delete it, because it only made sense inside my head and was virtually unintelligible by the time it hit the keyboard. I know, because I had to re-read it 3 times before I pressed down heavily on the “Del” key.

For anyone following my blog, thank you for your patronage. It’s continually unexpected to have regular readers.

LibriVox: I’m going to be messing with the way I catalogue my weekly and (occasionally) fortnightly poetry recordings.
The new format of post will still have the same kind of information, but I’m going to be moving paragraphs about but mostly just rearranging the look and feel of it. I’ve been toying with some ideas for a month or so, but I think I may have it nailed down now.
I’ll see how I feel about the new style in a few weeks and go from there. I just hope my readers will prefer the new style of post, the old style is just looking very clumsy at the moment.

Reading: Oh yes, I’m still reading. Looks like I’ve been reading “The Strain” for years now doesn’t it.  For some reason, I just haven’t been setting aside time to read. I know it takes longer to read a book while writing about it at the same time, but I’ve journals about other books on this blog, and there was time to write about 2 or maybe 3 books in one year.
This year, it’s looking like I’ll have to knuckle down some. After all, I have a list of books I’d like to read 😉 What? doesn’t every book lover have a list, however short or massive.
New Years are made for literary lists to be published, 100 books you must read to make you seem precocious, or 50 books you have to read before you die, that sort of thing. They’re quite prevalent during the New Year, why today I’ve seen no less than 3, all from different continents. They come out of hibernation, only to mysteriously disappear sometime before February. A most unusual life cycle.

Anyway, enough of my blather.

Good luck and may you find some measure of happiness as you walk through life.
Happy 2014!


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