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Songs Without Words by Robert J. Burdette

LibriVox Weekly PoemLibriVox volunteers bring you 10 recordings of:
“Songs Without Words” by Robert J. Burdette (1844-1914)

This was the weekly poetry project for July 9th to July 16th, 2013.

Robert Jones Burdette was an American humorist and clergyman who became noted through his paragraphs in the Burlington (Iowa) Hawkeye. A collection of his writings, edited by Clara, his second wife, was published in 1922 under the title Robert J. Burdette: His Message.
This poem is taken from The Wit and Humor of America, Volume 7. (Summary from Wikipedia)

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Songs Without Words

I can not sing the old songs,
Though well I know the tune,
Familiar as a cradle song
With sleep-compelling croon;
Yet though I’m filled with music
As choirs of summer birds,
“I can not sing the old songs”—
I do not know the words.

I start on “Hail Columbia,”
And get to “heav’n-born band,”
And there I strike an up-grade
With neither steam nor sand;
“Star Spangled Banner” downs me
Right in my wildest screaming,
I start all right, but dumbly come
To voiceless wreck at “streaming.”

So, when I sing the old songs,
Don’t murmur or complain
If “Ti, diddy ah da, tum dum,”
Should fill the sweetest strain.
I love “Tolly um dum di do,”
And the “trilla-la yeep da”-birds,
But “I can not sing the old songs”—
I do not know the words.


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