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Sporadic Updates

Hello folks.

Just a quick post to say sorry for the sporadic updates.

It’s not that I’ve been really busy, as such, nor is it that I don’t have time to post, either.
Don’t really want to get it to the why’s and wherefore’s, it’s personal and I’m not for bothering people about it, but I mainly wanted to say sorry and that I now hope to be getting back on track with my blogging hobby.

Which of course, also means I have to start reading “The Strain” and get writing, I’m taking too many pauses/breaks between reading sessions and I really need to write larger chunks of text, and really think about the book, how the text makes me feel.
Looking back on a few passages of what I’ve written, I don’t think I’m really conveying enough. Time will tell, I guess.

Thanks for sticking around 🙂



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