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The Despairing Lover by William Walsh

LibriVox logoLibriVox volunteers bring you 24 recordings of The Despairing Lover by William Walsh (1663-1708).

This was the Fortnightly Poetry project for March 11th to March 25th, 2012.

William Walsh was an English poet and critic. It is not as a poet, however, but as the friend and correspondent of Alexander Pope that Walsh is remembered.
“Mr Walsh used to tell me,” Pope says, “that there was one way left of excelling; for though we had several great poets, we never had any one great poet that was correct, and he desired me to make that my study and my aim.” (Summary from Wikipedia )

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The Despairing Lover
Distracted with care,
For Phillis the fair,
Since nothing could move her,
Poor Damon, her lover,
Resolves in despair
No longer to languish,
Nor bear so much anguish;
But, mad with his love,
To a precipice goes;
Where a leap from above
Would soon finish his woes.

When in rage he came there,
Beholding how steep
The sides did appear,
And the bottom how deep,
His torments projecting
And sadly reflecting,
That a lover forsaken
A new love may get;
But a neck, when once broken,
Can never be set:
And that he could die
Whenever he would;
But that he could live
But as long as he could:
How grievous soever
The torment might grow,
He scorn’d to endeavour
To finish it so.
But bold, unconcern’d
At thoughts of the pain,
He calmly return’d
To his cottage again.

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