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Welcome to 2012! 2011 was a bit rubbish, I’m hoping for better this year, doubt I’ll get it.


For me, 2011 was a bit of a disappointment. For others around this planet, it was a complete nightmare, and the drums never stop!
This year is the year of that Mayan prophecy that documentary channels have been warning (read “grabbing for ratings”) about and now the 2012 countdown is up, running and counting down … to our doom! Supposedly. Should be an interesting year then, and an even more interesting December.
Will Nicholas Cage save the world?! Being British, I bloody well hope not. It should be done by Daniel Craig, or Clive Owen. Though, personally I reckon Dame Helen Mirren is more than capable of Saving The World (Yes, Capitalised) single-handedly.

I’ve been a bit tardy over the holiday period, even my weekly poem updates have been a bit late, although as the majority of my traffic still seems to be centred around my World War Z posts, I doubt anyone has really noticed.
I’ve done well with my LibriVox so far, but I never did get round to starting any solo projects like I had intended. 2011 has a “could do better” feel about it. Depression has been kicking my rear-end and I hate having to admit that, yes, I may in fact have a bit of a problem. That vocal admission alone has taken a lot out of me. Everyone trying to get me to admit/confess to being depressed has been like pulling my teeth with string & pliers. I would have preferred to have just continued ignoring it, since public opinion reckons depression is nothing to cry about and apparently I’m just a big ole slacker.
Still, this blog isn’t about venting my personal problems, I apologise, but having written that, I refuse to delete and I don’t see why I should.

Back on topic. I’ve been recording for 3 years now …
I actually managed to keep a New Years’ Resolution. Not an easy thing that.
I am somewhat proud of myself for sticking with it, but solo projects have to be started this year. Even if it’s just more poetry. I gotta start somewhere. I can’t keep putting that off like I did last year. Maybe I’ll record more short sci-fi as well. Think I’ve only done one story, kind of like dipping my toe in the water there. Need to get ankle deep at least.

Need to read more books, and write more.
My private & personal (offline) journal is shockingly empty over a number of months, my online reading & book journalling habits have also deteriorated.
Yet something else I’ve been ignoring.
My ebook reader is no doubt weeping in my desk drawer. All alone in the dark. Poor thing.
So that’s something else I’ll endeavour to change. I started out so well in 2009, didn’t last long did it.

Well. I suppose I’d better log out now.
I need to grab my brand new Leuchtturm 1917 notebook and start writing something about 2012 so far. I’m sick of those formatted diaries, a page per day, mocking me with it’s blankness and it’s neat structure. Going to try something less formatted this year. Maybe try some doodles & sketches too, for when I can’t think what to write about. Just don’t expect to see any of that here.

So to close, here’s the obligatory New Year/holiday greetings/claptrap that we all seem compelled to do, even though most of us are trying to avoid the whole event like a bunch of grumps.

Happy New Year!
Happy Holidays!
Yay! (bleah bah humbug *giggles*)



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