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Do you want more World War Z movie news? okay then, here’s another update.

World War ZI’m not going to get obsessive about the movie, and thank you but no, a few updates does NOT make me obsessed. But, I thought that it was interesting that the movie has switched location from Falmouth, England to Glasgow and other locations in Scotland (until the end of August 2011). Apparently, filming also took place in Valletta, Malta.
Certainly going for a more interesting “look” than certain other Hollywood styled movies of late, who seem to think that everything happens only in America. Although it seems that the Scottish locations are doubling as Philadelphia, which is in *gasp surprise* America. Guess everything does only happen in the States.

Not sure what to make of all this?
No, me neither. I’m just hoping that Mr. Pitt hasn’t restricted the script and understands that it is World War Z and not American War Z. Fingers crossed WWZ fans, but don’t hold your breath.


Included in this post are a bunch of links to news stories pulled from the BBC: here, and here and some others that include photos: here, and here.
But wait! there’s even a “blink and you’ll miss it” video of Brad Pitt himself acting at the wheel of a rather tired old camper van. (Hope the home grown Top Gear team don’t spot him in that or he’s a goner! 😀 )
That’s All Folks!
I’m going to leave the zombie movie alone now. Until it’s ready for a theatrical release anyhow.

Goodnight world!

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