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Quick news bite about World War Z movie.

World War ZJust found this news bite.
Thought I’d post it for those folks still accessing/reading my World War Z book notes, and who, like myself, is interested in the upcoming movie adaptation.


Brad Pitt’s zombie film set to invade Cornwall, England

Wed 13 Jul 2011 12:29 PM

by Beth Squires

Residents of Falmouth are getting ready to welcome a hot Hollywood film star and the living dead, as Brad Pitt is heading to Cornwall this summer to shoot ‘World War Z’.

Pitt’s currently working on the movie – directed by Marc Foster – in Malta , and has been enjoying some on-set visits from Angelina Jolie and their huge brood of kids.

Paramount Pictures are currently discussing their plans with the local council, according to Metro, and the town manager Richard Gates told the Western Morning News that there’s already an “almighty buzz” in the town:

“This is a major coup for Falmouth and we’re pulling out all the stops to prepare for the influx of crew and cast.

“We’ve been working closely behind the scenes with Paramount Pictures and are working hard with regards to the necessary planning and permissions.”

If residents want to get even closer to the movie adaptation of Max Brooks’ novel, they are also getting the chance to be cast as extras!

Paramount will reportedly hold open casting sessions at a school in the area this weekend for budding actors and actresses to possibly share the screen with Pitt.

Falmouth local councillors are said to be very excited for the boost to the economy that ‘World War Z’ could bring to the town.

No doubt holidaymakers will re-route their trips for the chance to eat a *Cornish pasty side by side with Pitt.

… via Brad Pitt’s zombie film set to invade Cornwall – Yahoo! Movies UK.

Oh yeah, it’s about time ^_~

Falmouth is a pretty interesting spot to be filming this, wonder if the whole story will take place there, or is it just the first of many locations?
I can only hope either Pendennis or St. Mawes Castle are used as a backdrop for some of the “fortifications” described from the book. There was some pretty interesting ideas formed around the castling idea. A solid place to defend against a horde of ghouls.

As for that last comment about *pasties, I have to wonder if Mr. Pitt even knows what a Cornish pasty is?
He might I suppose *shrugs*, hard to guess that sort of thing.

In any case, roll camera and check the gate!!



For those who don’t know, but would like to, a Cornish pasty is a filled pastry case, generally associated with Cornwall and Devon, in the south west of England.

Main ingredients usually consist of, but is not restricted to, mince or chunks of beef with swede, potato and onion and a light seasoning of salt and pepper, wrapped in pastry glazed with milk or egg. (from wikipedia, with a few alterations/additions.)

Can be eaten hot or cold, tasty on it’s own as a snack, or as part of a meal.



If you’re visiting either Cornwall or Devon, you might want to try the wonderful cream teas available.
A refreshing pot of tea, and scones served with clotted cream and raspberry jam.

Perfect on a hot summers day – yummmm.
(Well, hot for England anyway 😉 )


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