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Finally finished updating my reading masterlist.


After 2 months of sorting, re-arranging, re-designing and html’ing my little socks off. I’VE FINISHED!!!

Most of my visitors have probably used my “Reading Masterlist” at some point, but although functional, it was an ugly thing.

The centered book covers were meant to be a quick fix that ended up being semi-permanent, and the links to each book … well, although linking via tags is handy, it’s a messy affair for my notes.
Because of the nature of listing using tags, my notes were, on a per book basis, in the wrong order!
The system now in place, fixes that issue, and I now use a more logical “Chapter Index”, along with the actual titles of the chapters (if they exist).
Getting to any of my journal entries is now as easy as opening a book, finding the page number for a chapter, and going straight to it, or in my case just clicking the link for Chapter X.

Sounds complicated, doesn’t it?
It isn’t though, try it and you’ll see that it works very much like picking up a book (actually more like an ebook).

I came across so many design issues during the process, that I kept having to re-think my intent. It’s taken me a while to get to a stage where I don’t keep changing my mind all the time.
Plus, I’ve been trying to update my journal as often as I can. It became quite the juggling act, and I haven’t been reading as much as I ought to have been.
I’ve been writing my notes on my eReader for a few months now, it feels quite natural now. The desktop software has a few “kinks” that have given me a recent headache though. Losing my notes for this last couple of weeks didn’t help matters, and that turned out to be part my fault/part naughty software, but I swore at my poor innocent eReader anyway.
Don’t worry though, no eReaders were actually hurt during the retrieval process.
It did make my brain ache though.

Well, now it’s all finalised, finished, done with; I’ll (fingers crossed) be continuing with making notations on 1st To Die.



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