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1st To Die notes; Chapters 37 to 41

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Chapter 37

Lindsay’s asking Detective Hartwig some decent questions, things he doesn’t seem to either know or want to get into. Maybe because of some serious money in the neighbourhood. Either way, he’s going to have to find some answers.
To make matters more uncomfortable for the Napa local cop, it seems Lindsay’s pulled a fast one and asked Claire to meet her at the crime scene.
The Women’s Murder Club is coming into play.
What’s really interesting is Raleigh’s reaction in this chapter.

“I want you to know… that wherever this leads, it’s not about interfacing with City Hall. Or containment, Lindsay. I want this guy.”

So despite his misgivings about “the Cindy deal”, his priorities are truly focused on catching Campbell.
Good for him.

Chapter 38

The papers called him a monster. Psychotic, sociopathic. Expert witnesses on TV analysed his motives, his past, his possible future murders.
They know nothing. They are all wrong. They’ll find what I want them to find. They only see what I want them to see.

There’s that feeling again, he knows what he’s doing and how to avoid drawing attention to himself. He’s cool and detached, yet he’s still humming from his latest kill.
I keep trying to figure out who he is, his name means nothing, and I don’t have any insight to his character, as yet. I can’t glean why the sudden murderous habit. It does feel sudden, although paradoxically I suspect Phillip has been plotting for a long time.
He comes across, to me anyway, as a Ted Bundy type. A blend-able, forgettable type of person but who knows how to be charming and utterly disarming.

Chapter 39

Two of the founding members of The Women’s Murder Club go over the facts of this new case. Claire isn’t just agreeing with Lindsay, but giving her confirmation of her current train of thought. All interspersed with suggestive comments from Claire in regard to Chris Raleigh.
It’s almost a pity that Lindsay doesn’t regard herself to be ready to move on from her divorce.
She’s noticed Chris as more than just a partner, seen his potential, his patience and understanding.
Then the Negli’s is brought to the forefront of her mind again, mid daydream about Chris,

Even as I sat there pretending I could fall in love with someone, the daydream crashed.
Life was slowly leaking out of me.

… and finally brings the dreaded topic out in the open with her long time best friend.
Despite her not wanting to hurt Claire, she will, purely because she’s waited so long, but I just know that Claire will do right by her friend even if she feels slightly helpless.

Chapter 40

Knew Claire would feel hurt. Also knew she’d be understanding and supportive, but it’s good to know I haven’t misread either of them, or the author.

That’s why you wanted to get together the other day?” she declared. “Oh, Lindsay. Why couldn’t you just tell me?”
None of my past reasoning seemed clear now.

Now that Lindsay’s news is in the open, she can safely let rip knowing her friend will catch her. Claire will provide a safe haven to unleash all that she’s been feeling since the Negli’s was diagnosed.
Despite all this, I still feel like smacking Lindsay for being so obtuse, but thankfully she’s only a fictional character and I don’t have to worry about hurting my hand.

Chapter 41

So the news of the Napa murders is out.
Seems everybody is taking these murders even more seriously, with the F.B.I. also involved in the investigation, this is definitely a high profile case now.
Lindsay seems to be following her gut instincts, find the common denominator, but it’s strange that she thought of every common thread but the bridal gown.
I think that’s where Philip may have spotted Melanie Brandt as well as Rebecca DeGeorge née Passeneau.
Lindsay knows that something is amiss with these cases though.

It didn’t make sense.
The killer knows exactly what he’s doing, Lindsay.
He knows what you’re doing.


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