My LibriVox recordings & my reading journal (solo Litblog).

Apologies to my reader(s), for the lack of updates. Been having a blogging crisis & thinking out a re-design of my menus.

I’ve been caught up doing soooo many other things this last month, I’ve kind of lost track of time – not that my internal clock has ever been right, in the entirety of my life thus far.

I’m still reading “1st To Die” but I’ve also been having a re-think of my aims and goals with this blog. I was very close to thinking that the reading journal side of my blog had outlived it’s usefulness and that perhaps I ought to consider archiving all of my book notes thus far, and ceasing with all notations. Perhaps it was just the blogging equivalent of a minor mid-life crisis, a time when all things are either blown out of proportion or deemed to be so inconsequential as to be of any importance. Or did I just describe mood swings/a lack of chocolate?
Oh well, whatever it was, I think it’s over now (?). I’ve decided that I’m getting enough hits through search engines that someone out there finds my blog interesting enough. I’m even getting hits with searches based on my pseudonym! Wonders never cease. Admittedly, a lot of searches are also for spark or cliff notes, but perhaps my opinion is assisting someone out there writing a report (psst – if you want a decent grade, don’t rely just on my opinion), or helping to suss out the next tome to splash out on.
I will resume posting my literature adventures once I synchronise my notes from my eReader and adjust the formatting & add the cover art.

Only thing I have left, is to finish off a re-design of the current menu system for my book notes. That’s been a work in progress for the past month now – mainly because I’m trying to find a balance between practical accessibility and aesthetically pleasing without it feeling overcrowded or being gaudy. All of which won’t be seen by my adoring fan until I’m certain it does the job right (or at least until I think of something better to wow my reader).

All these things are the reason for my lack of book note updates, my LibriVox projects are unaffected and will remain so. You’ll find me posting every week, with the Weekly Poem projects, as per usual. I’m currently making up my mind on which solo project to start on and saving up for a new microphone, so there’s more LV to come. Promise! (or is that a threat? ha-ha)

Until next time, goodnight world.


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