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1st To Die notes; Prologue & Chapters 1 to 2

cover for 1st To Die


Quite a forceful introduction, despite it’s shortness.

The idea that Inspector Lindsay Boxer is on an emotional knife-edge, life on the balance ready to teeter into oblivion coupled with her description of a logical detective while still retaining a level of empathy her male counterpoints lack, makes the character approachable for me. I can immediately identify with her, and already have an empathy for her predicament. I have yet to know who David or Melanie Brandt is but their mention, even in passing, is of violence and death. Murder is the name of the game and the author does not fail to bring the topic directly to reader
I have a feeling (a hope) there will be no pulling of punches in this book.

Chapter 1
(Book One – David and Melanie)

“It’s incredible.” Melanie beamed. “I wouldn’t change a single thing about today.”
  “Me either,” he whispered. “Well, maybe I wouldn’t have invited my parents.” They both laughed.

They were twenty-nine years old and had the rest of their lives ahead of them

Meet the lovely couple. Don’t fancy their chances from Lindsey’s foreboding prelude but that’s the way with murder detective novels I guess.
After reading this chapter, I wondered if all the chapters in the book were similarly short.
In a moment of minor panic, I went to my local book-store to double-check, just to be certain. I compared my ebook against a paper-book and it turns out they are (whew! didn’t wanna go through any refund process’)

Chapter 2

Meet Phillip Campbell.
The killer (possibly planning to be serial).
Why has he done this heinous crime? and for how long has he desired to commit such an act of violence?
Where did he first see Melanie? and what did she do to so catch Phillip’s attention?

What is the worst thing anyone has ever done? Phillip Campbell asked himself again, heart pounding in his chest.
Was this it? Had he just done it?
Not yet, a voice inside answered. Not quite yet.

The last line of the chapter is (not mentioned here) a premise of what may be the worst thing Phillip has done. Thus far. Could this be, partly, why Lindsey (in the prologue) is so suicidal?


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