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1st To Die by James Patterson

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Category : Crime, Thriller, Detective, Legal Drama, Suspense

Series : Book 1 of The Women’s Murder Club (there are currently 9 books published)

Originally published : December 2001

Overview :

A serial killer is stalking and murdering newly-weds on their honeymoon. San Francisco Homicide inspector Lindsay Boxer takes the case and along the way meets three other women–a lawyer, a reporter, and the city medical examiner. Joining forces to solve this gruesome crime, the Women’s Murder Club is born. (synopsis from The Official James Patterson Website: “Women’s Murder Club“)

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Admittedly, I have never read crime fiction for myself. A strange statement isn’t it.
I’ve read Sherlock Holmes and some Patricia Cornwell novels and the like; but that was years ago when I used to read to my Mother. In the end she got fed up of hearing my voice (didn’t blame her either) and started to “request” audio books, which were becoming popular again.

However, I am a fan of T.V. series like Columbo and Monk. Those particular shows have an odd format, where the audience knows who the killer is and the motive for the crime. Nowadays, every other show seems to be doing it, but I think Mission: Impossible and Columbo were the first. Crime shows like these make for compelling viewing, which is great as I’m very extraordinarily picky about what I watch. I need plot, decent direction and actors who actually have some semblance of talent (which is why you’ll never catch me watching any soap opera).

I flicked my way through a few novels at my local book store, as I always do, hoping to spot something new to engross myself with. Obviously, I don’t always buy then & there, I need to check prices and availability of ebooks too. Instead, I build a reading list, like most people do, and whenever I’m ready to start a new book I’ll browse my wish list.

For this journal, I’ve read teenage romance, horror, supernatural thriller and children’s literature (x2), so I figured it was about time I stepped outside of the box. Hence my first crime fiction in what feels like a lifetime.

These days, it’s difficult to bypass the press, so whenever I heard James Patterson’s name mentioned, it was always highly flattering, his books always being in some best seller list somewhere on the planet. It seems, as authors go, he’s quite prolific.
There are some interesting novels from this genre in my list, for one who professes not to like crime fiction all that much, and surprisingly I’d written “1st To Die” twice in my list. Out of the three books I had narrowed down to, I figured my subconscious must have made the decision for me at some point with the double entry. *shrugs* It may be a boring reason why I chose this book, but so be it – it’s better than lying and it’s less strenuous being boring ~_^


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