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Why haven’t I been posting? Read on for answers…

Dear readers and subscribers,
If you’ve been regularly reading my blog, you may have noticed a severe lack of posting recently (it’s surprising then, to see the amounts of visits I’ve been getting lately).
The reason? >>> I’ve been ill.
Simple really. My voice is a croak most of the time, so recording is nigh on impossible. I will be resuming (I hope) all LibriVox activities in January 2011, in the mean time I’m going to post the details of the weekly poems as soon as I compile the information for the ones I’ve missed and will post those still to come this year. Each poem will have it’s own post as usual, along with download links for the project and the poem text.

I finished reading my book, The Gates, flipping ages ago. I will also be getting those notes blogged during this weekend. A month late perhaps, but better late than never, as the saying goes.
I’ve picked a new book to blog about, and now that I’m a little more than just coherent, I’ll be starting on it soon. It’s an audio-book I had as a birthday present earlier this year, it’s “The Passage by Justin Cronin” and although it’s abridged I’m looking forward to it. If it’s anything like World War Z, also abridged, I might end up buying an ebook version. Which is exactly what I did with WWZ, which my book notes were based on.

Well, I’d best get going and start on those LV posts, they’re not gonna write themselves, pity really as then there wouldn’t be such a huge gap in post dates. I suppose I could cheat and post-date them, but what would be the point?

Be seeing you!

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