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The Gates notes; chapters 25 to 27

The Gates

Chapter 25; In Which Bishop Bernard the Bad Makes His Presence Felt, and the Dead Rise from Their Graves, but Only the Nasty Ones

For the first time since his dad had left, Samuel was starting to feel that, if necessary, he could look after both his mother and himself

I’m glad for Samuel, but I suppose circumstances have left him with little choice and really, his mom would be wise to understand that she has a better man in her life – Samuel, who is coping extremely well given the circumstances. It’s all hands on deck with bug spray and cricket bats at the ready!

As for Reverend Ussher and Mr. Berkeley, sounds like the vicar and verger have got their hands full and it isn’t going to go away fast.
Why, oh why, did they have to go and lock themselves inside the church!
Such a stupid and insensible idea, they deserve to have Bernard the Bad rip their bits off.

Limestone preserves bodies. Not just that: it mummifies them. Bishop Bernard has been down there for a long, long time. I suspect that, if you were to touch him, his bones would feel as hard as rock.”   “I don’t want to touch him,” said Mr. Berkeley. “I really don’t”

I really have to agree with the verger on this one. I wouldn’t want to have Bernard touch me either. Not only is he bad but i remember that he had a fondness of playing with hot pokers.
What is the Reverend doing?
I don’t think the vicar has thought this through at all. He’s trying to appeal to Bernard’s good or at least reasonable side, but I don’t think he has one. Trying to get him to stay in his limestone bed would be like leaving a chocoholic in a chocolate shop and demanding that he or she not touch anything. It’s a wasted effort and only antagonises Bernard all the more. After all, I’m certain that he’s a bit annoyed waking up to find himself buried, not to mention that it must be very claustrophobic in there, that would darken anyone’s mood.

Church grounds were known as “consecrated,” which meant that they had been set aside for holy use

Which means only the “good” people got buried there, while the “bad”, “evil” & “not the least bit nice in any way” people didn’t.
I wonder which clever spark thought that rule up.
“When there’s no more room in hell…” eh. I wonder if these criminal un-dead have a taste for flesh like their Romero counterparts. Now would seem to be a good time to panic. The un-dead rising from their graves and an un-dead Bishop who seems to be slightly off his rocker.

“Well, we can’t go outside now,” said the vicar, ignoring him.
“No, we can’t,” said the verger.
And from beneath their feet came what sounded like laughter.

Chapter 26; In Which Constable Peel Wishes He Had Pursued Some Other Profession, and Dr. Planck Reappears
Sergeant Rowan seems a decent fellow, but I really think he’s taking on more than his job description pays him for. Nurd on the other hand has a great idea and I can’t blame him for wanting to sneak back to hell and snatch better digs than the wasteland.
Clever little demon

Constable Peel had most certainly not joined the police to fight demons, not unless he was going to be paid overtime, and danger money, and given a great big gun.

Constable Peel seems to have it sussed, it’s just a pity that Biddlecombe doesn’t have a need for any guns, although he might be able to borrow one from a local. The type used for hunting rabbits might be available, if he asked nicely enough.

Blue lights, dead communications; uh-oh, not-Mrs Abernathy is getting busy again!

She was smiling as she brought down all communications within a ten-mile radius of Biddlecombe. She felt the power surge through her as she set about creating a barrier around the town, invisible to the naked eye but completely impenetrable

Well, so much for getting outside help from anyone. Including the Army!
The gates are not closing any time soon. More and more demons are pouring through, and getting less recognisable all of the time, in fact some of them are, as the author puts it, indescribable and now not-Mrs Abernathy has contained the occupants of Biddlecombe, I fear things just got a heck of lot crazier. I pity any of these demons who are not prepared or equipped to face the unpredictable menace of humans.

??? Not-Mrs Abernathy is hoping for a reward?!!!
She’s off her trolley and out of her tree…If she’s lucky, she might get to stay alive but I don’t remember The Great Malevolence mentioning rewarding anyone, let alone a lesser demon. I was under the impression that he says jump and his underlings say how high, including the demon masquerading as Mrs. Abernathy.
Who now that she has Biddlecombe pretty much locked down, it seems she is turning her attention toward our boyish hero once more. and she may have deduced Samuel’s week spot.

Speaking of Samuel…
So it seems that outside intervention may be unnecessary. In fact, the timely arrival of Dr. Plank at Samuel’s house presents an answer. Luckily he has Samuel to provide a background and Maria to bounce ideas off and between the three of them they do a marvellous job of explaining it all to the reader in simple and concise English. Handy for the non-scientific types of the authors audience.

You know,” said Dr. Planck, “that just might work. The questions are, where do we find our car, and who will drive it?

Now the author has to bring all the elements together, namely Samuel, his dad’s car and Nurd. There looks to be a fun ending to this book.

Chapter 27; In Which We Meet Bishop Bernard the Bad at Last, and Constable Peel Enjoys Himself Immensely
I’ll bet the Reverand and the verger could trade places with Gath and Shan, bet they could use a free pint at this point. The two demons certainly seem to be enjoying their free booze and are perhaps the only demons enjoying their stay. All the other demons being far too busy with their masters invasion plan to actually step back and enjoy wreaking terror and havoc.
That may change though if Bishop Bernard breaks loose.

“Oh dear,” said the vicar and the verger together

Although Bernard the Bad isn’t their only problem and Reverand Ussher only seems to make matters worse, which hardly seems possible give the circumstances. Luckily the police arrive just in the nick of time, like some later day cavalry, charging in to the rescue, newly risen un-dead run over like some mad version of skittles (or bowling) and finally Constable Peel feels a bit better now. Payback indeed.

To the vicar’s credit, his plan against the Bishop seems to have done the job quite effectively (for now) it helps that he no longer has to worry about the rotting un-dead, as he seems to have made them quite annoyed. Reverand Ussher seems to be extremely good at annoying matters.
Bernard, quite frankly needed shutting up. His preoccupation with pokers and bottoms really did sound quite perverse and I’m sure the verger is very relieved.
With the police now on the scene, the vicar seems very intent on recounting their ordeal, it’s almost a pity that Nurd’s escape spoils his flow.


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