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World War Z movie news; and about time too!

World War Z
WARNING: This post is highly opinionated and is likely to be taken with a pinch of salt and a spoonful of sugar. Thank you for your attention and feel free to ignore the majority of my ranting at your discretion.

MTV Movies Blog apparently had an exclusive scoop (not sure on the exclusivity side of that claim) about the World War Z movie.
It can be found at this link.

All I can say is that it took “them” long enough.

I can remember the author, the brilliant Max Brooks, saying that J. Michael Straczynski, was writing A script but then it all went dead (no pun intended) after that.
This year’s Comic-Con has brought some lovely movie news, including Karl Urban’s “Priest” and “Red” (both based on comics/manga I read), The Green Hornet and of course WWZ news. At this point any Z news is good news. Especially after that wonderful concept art last year and don’t think I haven’t noticed that no-one seems to have changed the date on the “It Starts With The Flu” website either. Hmmmm…..A tentative Summer 2012 release date. I’ll believe when I see it, although I’ll probably still wait for the DVD rather than waste my money at the cinema. Haven’t voluntarily been to the cinema in ages now. The Lord of the Rings trilogy was the last time I willingly queued up at a cinema, I was dragged kicking to see Twilight and wish I’d stayed at home and cleaned the kitchen instead.

This year (in fact most recent years) has been a dud in terms of new movies to watch, perhaps next year & 2012 will be more promising. At least until the Mayan calender runs out and the world as we know it crashes and burns. In which event, I will be cracking out the very large, fluffy white marshmallows, a bucket of popcorn and a large flask of hazelnut-flavoured coffee. Maybe even buy a decent telescope too.

Oh, and concerning my increasing disappointment (long-term) with the crud coming from Hollywood’s “factories” – my (lowly, misinformed) opinion is that most movies of recent years are a terrible waste of celluloid, talent and money.
I include, for your amusement, a great definition I read a few months back while I was doing my LibriVox research.

from Dictionary.com – movies – 6 dictionary results
Located right at the bottom of the results is the “Slang Dictionary” definition.

movies definition

1. n.
a case of diarrhea. (Because it keeps you on the move, going to the john.) : A case of the movies kept me going all night.

Dictionary of American Slang and Colloquial Expressions by Richard A. Spears.Fourth Edition.
Copyright 2007. Published by McGraw Hill.

Funny, ironic and a somewhat accurate description of most new movies these days, but that’s just my opinion. I don’t recommend anyone to agree with me. You can all steal your own opinion if you like, no-one really cares do they. 😀

2011, July 14th – More Recent News

2011, September 25th – It has come to my attention that the ““It Starts With The Flu” website no longer seems to represent the World War Z movie. The address is still accessible, but the page content fails to load. Because of this, I’ve removed the link but have not otherwise altered the contents of this post.


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