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Once Bitten Twice Shy notes; chapter 27

Once Bitten, Twice Shy
Chapter 27

“Hello, Jasmine. My name is Raoul.” Spain bronzed his skin and flavored his accent, but his manner was pure American military.

At last! the nameless voice and Jasmine’s personal saviour has a name and his base of operations is in – Las Vegas?! Huh?
Oh well, a few clues are banded about but nothing that makes any sense. The furniture is in Jaz’s favourite pre-arranged display and it seems this “Raoul” may also be more than just a convenient coincidence in her life. He alludes to both Jaz and David having visited this location before but apparently they’re not supposed to remember this. Why, I wonder. Did Raoul make Vayl aware of her presence, if so, that would mean that certain events in her life are not coincidence or “free-will” but carefully planned & coordinated. And what does this mean for David, does he also have some part to play in capturing the elusive Edward “the Raptor” Samos?

“Look, I didn’t save the world back there. It was Cassandra.”
“Despite the fact that it’s a very catchy phrase, there is no such thing as an army of one.”

In any case, this man seems to be offering her a choice. To retire or to continue the fight. Considering she’s detached from her body, again, I’m not sure I like his phrasing of “retire”. Jaz just takes the meaning literally and tries to picture her life as her father Albert is trying to live his. Somewhat begrudgingly.
She also tries to picture the effect her retirement would have on the other people in her life, it’s hardly surprising she does not like what she envisions. Besides, if she didn’t get back in the fight, there would be no other books would there. (That’s the jaded part of me writing.)

Upon her return, happy hugs are exchanged and sighs of relief expelled from all the good guys. Vayl in particular is very pleased to see her breathe once more, I’m just glad there wasn’t any seriously mushy stuff between those two. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind a bit of romance but I’m not the Mills & Boon type, never have been and I doubt I’ll change my mind on that score any time soon. Besides, I much prefer the “Mulder & Scully” thing they’ve got going. It’s more appropriate for the story.

Jaz is more than a little bruised and quite a bit more on the battered side, hardly surprising when you’ve been the main course for an ancient demon, but incapacitated as she may be, she still manages to spot the lingering threat in the basement.
Senator Bozcowski, last bad guy standing.

He had a good lawyer and a genius publicist. If he kept his mouth shut he might be able to ride this one out. Why not? Politicians had a rich heritage of wriggling out of tight situations. And after all, people loved him.

Except Jaz conveys to Vayl that this oily stab-in-the-back is somehow still breathing. Not for long though.
The book ends with the tying up of this loose end. The act itself, despite Jaz’s current condition, has an edge of finality to it. I’m certain it’ll be back to business for Jaz & Vayl all too quickly.

Closing thoughts.
I wasn’t sure I’d enjoy this book, after all, it was the cover that initially attracted me and I don’t usually pick up a book based on that alone. It’s usually the title that compels me to take a better look and if the blurb on the back or inside jacket doesn’t grab me, it gets put back on the shelf.
I’m glad I gave this one a closer inspection. Jaz has been fun to read and I do so like her perspective on the events transpiring within the tome. She’s not the usual type of heroine despite any initial reaction to her, she can think and has the guts to back it up. Her partner displays a depth that hasn’t been fully taped into which feeds into Jasmine’s character very well. The two of them creating quite a balance which evens out any slightly rough patches in storyline. Of which there are a few but the point of this book is to entertain the reader and I think Jennifer Rardin has accomplished that. The author states that she mainly wrote this book to satisfy her own need for a decent vampire novel, and I’m rather happy that she did. The following quote is from the Acknowledgements at the back of the book (and I do believe it’s on on her website as well).

I should first recognize my husband’s part in this whole scheme since, when I finally confessed to him my secret love of all things vampire, he didn’t laugh and say, “Good Lord, Jen, how old are you?” Nope, he said, “Then maybe you should write a vampire novel.” To which I replied, “It’s all been done already.” And he said, “Not by you.”

Quite. So my thanks to Mr. Rardin also.

If, per chance, someone is reading my meandering journal and have reached this point, please, take a chance and read this book. It may not further your education, it may not even give you any insight into the workings of the human species and why we do the most ridiculously stupid things, but it’s a damn good book that’s fun and refreshing. Even if you don’t like vampires.
Oh, before I go onto the next book or LibriVox project. If you see an interview after the Acknowledgements section. Read it. It gives a tiny(very) bit more insight into Jaz, despite the “Mary-Jane”-ness style of the interview and a too brief suggestion of the next mission/book.
ttfn and thanks for reading.

Hmmm, what to read next.

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