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Once Bitten Twice Shy notes; chapter 26

Once Bitten, Twice Shy
Chapter 26
The final battle is not a poetic thing but a chaotic mess. As it should be. If it had been anything else, I think I would have been disappointed with the author.
There are little pockets of fighting happening all over the room, everyone trying to gain the upper hand while the Tor evolves within the maelstrom. Whatever it was that Jaz did with the sword must have triggered some event that allowed the demon to manifest itself. Jaz would not have been aware of this, only Cassandra might have given some clue but she was otherwise occupied with her own struggles. Worse, the Tor-al-Degan has begun to manifest and it’s not a pretty sight. The procedure reminds me a caterpillar’s metamorphosis into a butterfly but the demon is no pretty fluttery-winged creature.

Her hair had clumped and then formed into tentacles. Spinal plates grew out of her back. And where there should have been an extra protrusion in the shape of a sword hilt there was, instead, a jiggling tumerous mass that reminded me alarmingly of a giant egg sac.

No, she is a monster and the author conjures up a combination of images; of H.R. Giger’s Alien Xenomorph and Species paintings and of Ray Bradburry’s Medusa (from Clash of the Titans). A grotesque beauty meant to terrorise every fibre of your being, right down to your little booties. Of course, that’s just inside my head and other readers of this book my draw different conclusions, my imagination unfortunately has taken this idea and just run with it. Always a fun thing to perceive.

The demon is rapidly climbing towards her peak and of course Jaz is going to stand in her way. She’s the heroine. That’s what she’s about, but it has the side effect of making her a willing sacrifice to the Kyron, which automatically makes her the next course on the menu. Her own acolytes have already gotten in the way and nothing seems to be getting in her way at this point, not even a faithful Senator.

The sound of his (Bozcowski) spine snapping oddly resembled the crack of a split log.

Vayl despatches with Aidyn (and why he couldn’t do that immediately upon entering the room last chapter is anyone’s guess), and then teams up with Jaz to try and lay waste to the nasty thing. No such luck, but then you didn’t think it would be that easy did you, bullets aren’t going to do much, except maybe p**s it off. Cassandra needs to start reciting whatever it is she found in the Enkylios. And quick. Really quick.
This is where the Kyron finally sinks her now massive fangs into Jaz, that’s not good for her obviously, but if they don’t stop the Tor now, Jaz’s soul is going to get eaten. I don’t think even the mysterious voice can bring Jasmine back from that.

Second by second, the Tor was ingesting the best—and the worst—parts of me. I was losing myself inside the horrifying red hell of the Tor’s gaping maw.

Indeed, the closing part of this chapter is about Jaz fighting for her very soul, Vayl unwilling to give up on her and Cass finally reciting the necessary incantation.

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