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Once Bitten Twice Shy notes; chapter 25

Once Bitten, Twice Shy
Chapter 25
The fanatics & Jaz eventually make it into the basement, after some hassle from Assan & his vast, unwieldy sword. Back into the pit doth the poor heroine go, and let the stalling commence.
Thankfully, Aidyn is still in a talkative mood, typical megalomaniac, it’s just unfortunate that he’s distracted by his own genius or Jaz could’ve rung out more time from him. On a plus note, depending on your point of view that is, Liliana helps out by demanding Cirilia once more. Give it up girl, you’ll never get that ring, no matter how good you’re Andy Serkis imitation is. As they attempt to duke it out, it buys Jaz’s relief column more time. Or it would have done if the Kyron hadn’t have picked that moment to point out she/it was hungry.
Enter Derek “Doomsday” Steele, soon to be the starter course, and his virus infested blood stream. Oh there’s so much Liliana obviously isn’t privy to judging by Aidyn’s reaction to her taunts. Jaz sees “the look” and I’m sure is thinking about payback & just desserts. If you’ll pardon the small food related pun. So much for being the Raptor’s mistress.
The ceremony begins with the usual blood & weirdness you’d expect from any number of movies with the black arts involved. Not that this written scene is any more accurate than any Hollywood concoction. Let’s just say that I doubt Dennis Wheatley would be very impressed but that I also doubt that Jennifer (the author) is going for any kind of accurate depiction either, it suffices as an adequate backdrop for the impeding arse-kicking and certainly sets an appropriate scene for the demon currently centre-stage. That seems to be enough for me, I’m actually more interested in what Jaz thinks and does next. Her off-kilter reaction to the absurd situation has definitely become my primary focus.
She doesn’t disappoint me. From the moment it’s discovered that the Tor’s key has been replaced by an insulting & slightly juvenile statue to her impromptu & somewhat dangerous use of an exposed flame.

With only seconds to spare before somebody figured out their sacrifice had grown a spine, I sprinted from puddle to puddle, lighting them up like road flares behind me. When I was done, a fence of noxious flame trapped Liliana and the Tor.

It’s not long after this that the troops arrive with their “space-age guns”, as Jaz puts it. It doesn’t all go to plan though as Cassandra takes a bit of a dive mid-chant and then the Tor is all back to business. She’s lapping up the tainted blood like a chocoholic next to a river of Willy Wonka’s chocolate mix.
It all hits the fan after that, as it becomes a free for all and multiple fighting breaks out across the room with the devoted Deganites screaming. I can just see them trying to avoid the violence occurring in the room like a herd of bleating sheep.
During the battles, Jaz gets a real bright idea. One she’s seen in the Enkylios involving Assan’s sword. A few taunts & grapples latter and Jaz is in possession of the weapon. The situation does not come out as planned though and I come away from this chapter with a massive “o-ohh”.
Has Jaz has played right into the Kyron’s hands?

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