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Once Bitten Twice Shy notes; chapter 24

Once Bitten, Twice Shy
Chapter 24
Jaz explores the space beneath Club Undead’s wine cellar, only to find a gathering of vampiric acolytes (aka Deganites) and “shades” of the demon Tor-al-Degan.

Must be tough, existing in a couple of different planes at once

The author does a hell of a job describing/introducing the Kyron in so few words and does so with a sense of awe & revulsion from Jaz’s point of view. For Jaz, it must be a terrible sight as she sees the entity with the equivalent of psychic vision, instead of physical eyes. It’s little wonder she eventually flees the room back to Vayl & her friends. Although she has some difficulty reaching her destination. The threads that link her spiritual body to her physical body, and to those people she loves or cares about, have become “thin” and difficult to follow.
After a brief update with Vayl’s party, she is practically ordered to get back to her body and stall the event. It may just be a coincidence, but there’s a traffic accident and it’s going to delay the reinforcements. So she returns, albeit very reluctantly. She’s afraid the Tor-al-Degan is going to devour her soul and considering what she saw in that damp, dark quagmire of a basement, I don’t blame her one bit.
After returning she sees the cause of the cords becoming thin and vague and that Aidyn is frantically trying to disarm the bomb.
It seems she may have been away from her body for too long, and her body has been quietly suffering from the prolonged separation. After an almost shouting match and some terse words with her captors, Jaz seems to get over the shock & grief of being rejoined with her physical body but then feels an overpowering fury that overrides all reason. It is only because of Vayl and the bond they have through Cirilai that her anger is reigned, otherwise she may just have ripped Aidyn’s head off.

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