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Once Bitten Twice Shy notes; chapter 23

Once Bitten, Twice Shy
Chapter 23
Why can’t Cole & Bergman see Jaz’s non-corporeal “body” and what the heck is this about Cassandra’s age. Huh?
So. Not only can brother Daniel & sverhamin Vayl see her but so can Cassandra. Wonder if Evie & Albert could also see her in this state. It’s all interesting stuff to think about I guess, it sure as hell beats walking around.
Events need explaining and this is done at Bergman’s safe-house in between Cass & Bergman dealing with his neuroses & prejudices, the two of them bickering like brother & sister over the validity of magic. All things considered, I don’t know why Bergman is bothering, considering the company he’s keeping and the nature of the opposition.
Cassandra finally gets her hands on the pyramid shaped key, which apparently Bergman forgot to inform her about, and now has the clue she needed to unravel the mystery of the demon. After a quick round of “who’s going and who’s staying behind”, they all pile into the van like it was the “Mystery Machine”, despite Jaz’s concerns of somehow keeping three civilians safe.
It’s a lucky thing that the villains are still unaware of Vayl’s little subterfuge ’cause this group is gonna need all the advantages they can muster.
IF they can manage to get there in one piece that is. Vayl is pretty vexed with Jaz for her recent act of self-sacrificing stupidity and his driving is now worse than Jaz’s has ever been. He’s even yelling at everyone getting in his way. I’m just glad he hasn’t gotten out of the van to confront the other drivers on the road. They be mincemeat. It’s at this point that Jaz “flies” off to check on her body, which is still sitting on the chair-bomb, before Vayl completely freaks out on everyone and wrecks the poor abused vehicle.

Vayl clutched the steering wheel hard and shifted anxiously in his seat. “We have to get there. Now!” He laid on the horn as a light brown Crown Victoria pulled out in front of him, forcing him to brake hard. “Next time take the bus, you old geester!” he yelled as he swerved to go around.

Not sure if he’s the only immortal in there at this point considering Cassandra’s little revelation but Cole is definitely mortal. At this point I’m just gonna assume Bergman is too.

With Jaz back at the club, she uses the opportunity to scout out the club while she’s at it, and with the assistance of her mysterious benefactor, she locates the three stooges, as she calls them. They’re a lot closer than I would have thought too. Right under her feet, if the “voice” is correct.

…I could see a set of stone stairs leading upward. But my guide had left strict instructions. So I dove through the wide-planked pine floor into the cancerous bowels of Club Undead.


On a side note, wonder if Vayl is gonna get jealous of the voice. Sounds like he’s getting a bit annoyed by Cole’s now constant presence. Will he grow some and confirm his relationship with Jaz, or will she find the nerve to do it herself maybe.
Plenty of scope for it to go either way or to let it remain as tension.

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