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Once Bitten Twice Shy notes; chapter 22

Once Bitten, Twice Shy
Chapter 22
The end is nigh! Well, a few chapters away at least and I feel like the author is pulling out all the stops now.
Jaz (& Vayl) willingly walk into a trap. The main purpose being to save Cole from a fate worse than. It’s just a pity it’s in vain.

The only other contents of the room were an empty trash can and a full ashtray. There was, however, another door. I eased it open, expecting a sound, a click maybe, that would signal the closing of a trap. I need not have bothered. The trap Aidyn and Assan had set for me was too big for a click. A gong, maybe, but not a click.

Is that too much for a quote? Anyway, it was never intended that Cole should die, rough him up enough to make him look as if he’s in mortal peril, but not to do anything permanent, like death.

He looked like a spring break boozer who’d somehow survived a tumble off the balcony.

No, it is the intent of Assan’s merry band of nut-cases to ensure Jaz’s willingness to volunteer & take Cole’s place. To become the willing sacrifice.
So, after sneaking in, despite knowing she is expected and getting a “no don’t do it!” from Cole, she still takes his place & submits to sitting on a chair-bomb.

Yup, definitely a bomb. I had seen similar devices in bomb squad manuals under the heading “Run Like Hell!”

Cole wasn’t willing and therefore unsuitable for the vampire/Sons of Paradise’ shenanigans. The upside is that Cole is now out of harms way, if a little bruised & bloody and more than a little distraught to learn of Amanda’s passing (poor Amanda didn’t make it like I’d hoped), and that the bad guys are displaying that classic villainous trait of talking their poor unfortunate victim to death by revealing their dastardly plan (mwuahahaha).

Aidyn couldn’t wait to brag on his baby. He spoke eagerly, as if I was the science reporter for the New York Times.

Even the senator does a classic bad guy reveal, with a well aimed taunt, so now she has confirmed his identity and Aidyn seems to have a lousy memory, as he only thinkshe’s met Jaz before. How could he not remember her Hellsingers is a mystery, especially given the weirdness surrounding Jazs’ death & subsequent rebirth. Speaking of which, her mysterious saviour announces his presence, as a Voice only though, to give her pointers on the dos & don’ts of astral (out-of-body) travelling and being patient. Jaz of course thinking wisecracks and generally staying in character despite being detached from her body, throughout the exchange.
Although why checking on Cole was more important than Vayl doesn’t make sense to me. Surely Vayl is more important, but what do I know.
She’s his avhar, and he’s her sverhamin. She’s even in possession of the family ring and is envied by the ex-wife (Liliana) but no, she checks on the guy she’s only just met. Even Jaz doesn’t understand it, so I don’t stand a chance.
I’d quote the whole cupid/Vayl-vs-Cole paragraph but instead I’ll close with my favourite line from this chapter.

“So what are you telling me, that I should send my damn-you’re-an-evil-genius Hallmark card to the Raptor?”

Where can I get a Hallmark card like that, or shall I just resort to making my own – Mwuhahahahaha….

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