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Once Bitten Twice Shy notes; chapter 21

Once Bitten, Twice Shy
Chapter 21
Jaz spends some time during this chapter processing Cassandra’s show ‘n tell. Not that I blame her, there’s a lot to deal with from just one moment of her life and she seems to be the kind of character to slowly absorb these kinds of experiences. A more preferable way of dealing with the matter than pushing the mind too fast and having a total mental white-out.
The packing routine and minor accidental bump to the head coupled with her conversation with Vayl is testament that she is made of sterner stuff than most and will work through it all eventually. Acceptance takes time, patience and a careful balance of emotions.
Vayl seems to know this exactly, maybe from his own experiences, but he seems taken aback that Jaz wishes to remain his avhar. Although, this does not displease him. On the contrary, it seems to push away any doubts he may have been harbouring.

The pace is picking up again now.
Dad, Albert, reveals the fruits of his research and gives Jasmine the name of the “dirty” vamp senator. I’m hoping he gets his soon.
Cole currently has a higher priority so Jaz wants to save him first. Vayl agrees but I don’t suppose it hurts that there is the hope they can grab Aidyn & Assan at the same time.
As the chapter unfolds it is unfortunately apparent that Assan’s wife has instigated the speedy departure of both men along with their hostage and the rest of the “Sons of Paradise” goons. With dire consequences.
She’s like those foolish characters who confront the murderer BEFORE telling the police. She knew Assan had her brother killed so she really should have known better. I can only assume Amanda was so focused on her stopping her husband that she was blind to her own safety. Am I close Mrs. Rardin?
In any case, as Jaz says, Amanda really ought to have had more sense of self preservation. I mean, what’s the point of bringing down the bad guy if you’re not alive to see the end result. Sure, Amanda has provided vital information AND snatched a key object to the Tor-al-Degan ritual, but at what personal cost. She’s already lost her brother for cripes sakes.
Perhaps the author will take pity on her and let her survive to see the outcome. The paramedics are on their way Amanda, hold on!

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