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Once Bitten Twice Shy notes; chapter 20

Once Bitten, Twice Shy
Chapter 20
I feel like my mind went into overdrive and then promptly crashed into the interior of my cranium. Holy heck Mrs. Rardin, you’ve got some fun ideas.
So this is what you were gearing up for. I thought the Tor-al-Degan ritual was going to be the final wind up, instead you give me this! Woo hoo!!

The full back story of Jaz is revealed in the most unlikely of settings. I also believed Bergman’s safe house was a cave somewhere under a mansion, Bruce Wayne style. Not the large, comfortable and pleasant environment of a tastefully decorated beach house. Although his security system makes up for the lack of damp, mouldy rock surfaces. The system even reveals how everyone seems to be able to find Jaz, and therefore Vayl.
Remember that belly ring homing device, someone had remotely activated it, a feature Pete neglected to mention, which Jaz will no doubt grill him about at some point.
This discovery has Bergman jumping into action to get rid of the deceptive device. Jaz is fuming and is left to try and control her emotions, yet again. She needn’t have bothered since Cass is about to make her relive her worst memory.
The loss of her sister-in-law, her Helsingers, her lover.
The entirety of this past event is played via a strange pyramid styled device called “an Enkyklios”, a metaphysical library. Which Bergman distrusts almost instantly.

He stood behind it, looking as if he wanted to attack the Enkyklios with a bat.

This Enkyklios immediately grabs my attention due to it’s pyramid shape. Kind of reminds me of all those conspiracy theories that are so popular nowadays. My love of things Ancient & Egyptian is my own personal interest in this device.
The idea of a sisterhood of psychics accumulating & preserving all kinds psychic knowledge with the assistance of such devices is a fascinating idea. One I hope the author elaborates on either with this or with further books in the series.

Speaking of elaborations, in previous chapters Jaz has merely hinted at the destruction which ripped her life apart. Cassandra’s Enkyklios shows the entire event in full holographic horror.
The Helsingers final fight is a desperate and brutal attempt at survival. One by one, they fall. The vampire Aidyn Strait is the culprit, which explains why so many people (human & vampire) have tried to kill her. It’s revenge on his part, but there’s also something else.
Her team destroyed Aidyn’s latest experiments and he hates them for it, I can only assume that hatred has intensified over time. But it’s the last few minutes of the fight that hold the greatest revelation.
It provides a reason for her blackouts, explains her Sensitivity and that Jaz was killed by Aidyn.
Yep, dead.

Good God Almighty, if one more insight crashed into my skull today my eyes would stop spinning and just completely pop out of their sockets.

Yeah, ditto on that one Jaz.

The circumstances surrounding her death makes the other vamps flee like the sun was coming up any second, but it also introduces a mysterious being who appears as a golden light that slowly evolves into the shape of a man.

“What is it that you want, Jasmine?”

I half expected her to say True Love but this is most definitely not The Princess Bride.
I do love that the author hasn’t left me hanging.
All questions will be answered. Patience grasshopper.

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