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Once Bitten Twice Shy notes; chapter 19

Once Bitten, Twice Shy
Chapter 19
The last few chapters have acquired a uniform shortness. If this were a movie I’m sure the creepy bogeyman music would be in full swing, when you just know it’s all gonna hit the fan. It’s just a matter of who makes it out alive.

Bergman and Jaz are packed and ready by the time Vayl not-so neatly jumps down from his hiding/resting place.
She gives him the Reader’s Digest version of the days events, disturbed only by a phone call from Cole.
Here we go … get ready for that first drop, it’s a doozy.

Cole’s photos go up in smoke, along with the rest of the building. I just hope no-one has gotten hurt ’cause Assan’s goons sure as hell couldn’t give a toss about innocent bystanders.
During relaying this information to Jaz, she tries to warn him. Run she says, but it’s already too late and Cole is now a P.O.W. Funny, I fully expected him to be the first casualty but perhaps being a Sensitive they may have a fate worse than… Like perhaps feeding his soul to the Kyron. Oops, hope I haven’t jinxed the poor fellow.
Then there’s the minor revelation that Jaz’s blood is somehow more filling than the average donor. More potent.

cleared my throat. What do you say when you find out your blood is really filling? It’s not a Manwich; it’s a meal! Nope, not going there.

Has Vayl ever fed from a Sensitive before or does he have no basis for comparison at all. Maybe Cole’s blood could be just as satisfying.
Now all I can see is Cole hanging upside down with a tap stuck in his neck like he’s a barrel of beer. (see the movie the Vault of Horror for the germ of that last thought). The worst idea I’ve had is that Cole gets infected with the virus against his will and they somehow get an unsuspecting Vayl to feed from him. Killing two birds with one stone.
‘Course, all this is my bent imagination speculating on worse case scenarios, something I’m quite good at.
Jaz could simply be something more than just a Sensitive. She’s already proven to have a wider range of skills than the author originally alluded to.
When Bergman, Jaz and Vayl go get Cass (to be on the safe side), the psychic drops more hints concerning the impression she picked up during that handshake.

“When we shook hands, the vision of David came strongest,” she told me. “But another crept in, like a shadow, and I could not understand what it meant. So after you left, I consulted the Enkyklios.”

Which apparently is a metaphysical library full of the information of the Seers. It seems Cassandra is not just some corner shop psychic, she is a member of the Sisters of the Second Sight, which although it sounds like some cult doomed to commit mass suicide, their purpose is nothing of the sort. This guild has taken it upon themselves to become the librarians of the mystic world, gathering and preserving information passed from Seer to Seer.
No wonder Vayl has so much faith in her, which is why I think the next chapter is going to be rather interesting.

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