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Once Bitten Twice Shy notes; chapter 18

Once Bitten, Twice Shy
Chapter 18
Jaz seems to be taking things in her stride despite all that’s happened to her.
Saving twin David remotely is just another blip to contend with as it seems her Sensitivity has been boosted in yet more ways.
She can sense the emotions (worry) from her companions in Cassandra’s apartment. She’s not sure what to make of Albert’s revelations either.

It must’ve been Albert’s military background, because, man, when he dropped a bomb the entire country shook.

It’s a case of thinking you know everything and then, POW, everything you thought you knew for user gets thrown out the metaphorical window.

Cassandra’s “see you later” is a little ominous but there is good rapport between the two ladies and Jaz seems to have a good sisterly reaction with her.

“Gosh, Cassandra, I guess I should’ve told you, there’s no need to worry about me. At work they call me Safety Sue.” She gave a very unladylike humph, which made me like her lots better.

Probably more so when Cass gives her guests free blueberry muffins. I’m envious.
Cole also seems to enjoy the baked goods, enough to wax lyrical & reminisce about his Mom’s apple pie.

Not sure what to make of Bergman’s cold animosity towards Cole.
Sure, the man is a mass of paranoia and mistrust but can there be more to it than that. Does Bergman feel something not quite professional towards her.
Jaz can’t quite figure him out either it seems. So when Bergman’s insecurities surface after giving her some new tech-toys, she gives him an emotional, ego-stroking, proverbial pat on the back for his tech-genius.
Which I think is rightly deserved considering the sexy gadgets.

All this plus a confrontation back at the pink suite aka Diamond Suites.
Course, the confrontation is not like in previous chapters and is sorted out in a humanely, civilised manner. Not that Jaz seems the type to shoot at pregnant couples.
What the heck they thought they were going to do if they found Vayl (who is safely hidden) is a complete mystery to me. Heavily pregnant women are not really know to be very agile, at least none I’ve known, and therefore can’t be very suited to combat situations. Except in extreme circumstances when some twit who isn’t right in the head, decides to attack for nor reason other than to relieve the boredom of a dead, mundane excuse of an existence.

[I am now stepping down from the soapbox, having not realised I’d gotten up there.]

I’m not sure whom is more surprised, me or Jaz.
Bergman, current monarch of paranoia, has invited Jaz & Vayl to stay at his personal “off the grid” safe house.
With him!
Desperate times it seems.

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