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Once Bitten Twice Shy notes; chapter 17

Once Bitten, Twice Shy
Chapter 17
Ack, I’ve resorted to texting (insert disdain here).
Despite this momentary lapse in composition of Formal English (my lousy grammar notwithstanding), those 8 characters convey my astonishment rather succinctly.
Allow me to elucidate.

Last chapter, Jaz felt reluctant to touch Cassandra in case the attractive psychic should delve into her psyche and reveal things Jaz does not wish to admit to or disclose to anyone else.
It turns out, her feelings were right on the button, as it were.
Cassandra barely even meets Jaz’s firm handshake and a vision is unfurled. Jaz’s reaction to this vision is perplexing and very intriguing.
Poor Bergamn has barely entered the room & Jaz is, to them, having a minor episode. Which is anything but minor.
Reacting on the information in the vision, Jaz has somehow instigated an outer-body experience that can only be described as astral travelling. She appears to have managed it on a purely instinctual level fuelled by one primal thought.
Save David.
She manages to be corporeal enough so as to communicate with David as a “ghost” image.

David held on to me with his eyes, which had suddenly filled with alarm. “How did you do this, Jazzy? You’re not . . . dead are you? Because you look awful damn ghostly standing there.”
“No.” I laughed uneasily. “Of course not. I’m just weird.”

However, it is enough for her to relay the vision of danger and with this, succeeds in saving her twin & his current team from mortal peril.
As a bonus, the twins might just forgive each other enough to resume their once close relationship, or at the very least finally reach an understanding.

The entire episode is so honestly disturbing to Jaz, that once she returns to her living body; pale and nauseous, her current audience worried about her and fretting over David (who unbeknownst to them is already safe), she unconsciously phones her Father.
Albert senses the change in her voice and immediately switches to a secure line. And my, oh my, doesn’t Albert have a few surprises left.
So he has “contacts”, ones he is more than willing to put to use. He’s willingly volunteering and Jaz must be terribly rattled to agree to her Dad’s suggestion that he help.
As she says;

He sounded more serious, more like the dad I’d grown up admiring and fearing, than he had in years.

His “help” might dig up some interesting dirt for his girl, who has requested Intel on the formidable secretary Martha and the three senators.

Whew! I’m halfway through this book and I’m very impressed with the twists and turns this story is taking.
Mrs. Rardin, if you happen across this post,
Thank You!


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