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Once Bitten Twice Shy notes; chapter 16

Once Bitten, Twice Shy
Chapter 16
I was right about the weird Tor-al-Degan ritual, not only is the entire event going to make things difficult but now Jaz & company have to deal with a bona fide demon, and one of some legendary renown. Tor-al-Degan is the demon’s name, who is a Kyron(?) and it apparently has an appetite for human souls. Lovely.
Which brings me to Cassandra, an appropriate name for a seer/psychic.
She runs “Cassandra’s Pure & Natural” and from the description of the place at the chapters beginning, it must smell thoroughly gorgeous. I myself have a small but not insubstantial weakness for the smell of freshly baked bread. Cassandra’s shop has this plus so much more. *sigh*

Understandably, the proprietor leads her two guests upstairs where such wondrous aromas can not intrude on more serious and psychic matters.
Immediately she proves herself to be of genuine talent (but of course she is, the author would have little use for a fraud in this story) and I can appreciate Jaz’s reluctance to allow this lovely lady (judging by Cole’s immediate infatuation) even the remotest chance to read her. Future or past.
I wonder what paranoid Bergman will make of someone who could so easily sneak past any personal barriers he may has in place.


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