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Once Bitten Twice Shy notes; chapter 15

Once Bitten, Twice Shy
Chapter 15
Jaz and Cole’s bugging mission doesn’t quite go as originally planned but they improvise to great effect.
In the process, Cole proves to be a handy think-on-his-feet, dependable type of P.I. but unlike Jaz, he isn’t Sensitive to the virus that Derek Steele has become the carrier of. That alone proves useful as Jaz literally can’t stand to be around the virus. Just like last night at the “Club Undead”, close proximity to the virus renders her frail & exposed. Like a sudden, unexpected bout of morning sickness.
What I (& Jaz) can’t fathom out, is the ultimate purpose of the virus. I originally thought that the intended victims of the virus was the human population but as Svetlana & Boris seemed to be the focus of the final test, could it be yet another way of garnering power for Edward “the Raptor” Samos. A way of threatening the existing Vampire population. Surely the majority of them can smell the “bad blood”. My speculations concerning Svetlana & the Russians in my previous notes, keeps coming back to me.

In any case, Jaz and Cole are now en route to the psychic. Maybe some clarification is to be had there. It’s obvious that Cole is now no longer merely a bystander. He’s in it up to his ears now and future events are likely to test the private detective’s mettle.
Some info on this Tor-al-Degan ritual-thingy might be a tad useful. I can’t even speculate on this one, except I’m thinking it’s an extremely big deal for the villains and will make things hairy for the heroes.

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