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Once Bitten Twice Shy notes; chapter 13 & 14

Once Bitten, Twice Shy
Chapter 13
This one’s quite a short chapter but it features Jaz finally busting loose a little. Everyone has their breaking point and although she hasn’t quite reached hers yet, she’s getting there.
The events of the past few days have taken their toll on Jasmine, too much action and not enough information to back up the events. Vayl tries to bridge at least some of the gap and provides some Intel regarding the new meeting place in which to finally meet Bergman.
The place belongs to a psychic known to Vayl. He regularly uses the services of such psychics, he tells Jaz that he is in search of his deceased sons in the hopes of finding & being reunited with their reincarnated forms.
Jaz concedes that this is enough information, for now, but the whole conversation serves to put a small amount os distance between the avhar and sverhamin.
This distance is unexpected at this time, due to Jaz’s recent escape from Liliana’s clutches. I’m pretty sure this won’t last for very long, they have a job to do. A virus to stop.

Chapter 14
Yet another shortish chapter, but this one is setting things up for events to come.
The first thing Jaz does after being properly rested, is to sort out her domestic problems (that of her father & his new nurse) and an enlightening conversation with Cole.
After the brief but succinct phone conversation with Albert, she’s off to meet with Cole to do some spying & bug-planting.
Planting a bug on Derek “virus victim” Steele to be precise.
Jaz & Cole’s outfits are hilarious gauging by the reactions and each seems to get a kick out of the other’s choice of costume. She even manages to, quite innocently, flip him the bird while showing him her Bergman designed bugging device. This causes a moment of hilarity for the pair of Sensitives, which only makes Jaz recall her previous conversation with Albert.
Of course, when the two get to Steele’s hospital, Assan’s goons show up (who must have had a similar ideas to visit Steele) and I can only hope Cole is prepared for a fight.

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