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Once Bitten Twice Shy notes; chapter 12

Once Bitten, Twice Shy
Chapter 12
After her run-in with Svetlana, Jaz returns to “Club Undead” just in time her quarry, Liliana and her entourage, leave.
With no way to follow she makes for a safe house. Unfortunately she’s so distracted by Liliana and the mystery of victim Derek Steele combined with the emergence of new or augmented abilities; she hasn’t realised that the late-wife knows her every move.
It is unfortunate therefore, that Jaz lets her guard down while for Vayl to arrive with the car.
It doesn’t matter how luxurious the condo’s furniture is or that she is bone weary, falling asleep could have had dire consequences and she knows it.

I admit it. I blew it. I should’ve stayed awake, done some brainstorming, solved the mystery, and gotten myself a Scooby Snack. Instead my sleep-deprived bod yelled, “Break time!” and all systems hit pause.

As it happens, her Sensitivity does not require her to be concious to alert her of a nearby vampire. Good job too, otherwise Liliana would have made minced meat of her.
It sounds like she would have enjoyed it immensely, and all because of her jealousy of Cirilai. It seems Vayl never considered giving the precious ring to his wife but willingly bestows it on his partner after only six months.
Then there’s the ring itself. Very Tolkien.
Don’t get me wrong, until recent years I’d slowly read “The Lord of the Rings” with youthful delight.
I own a great hard back edition with illustrations by Alan Lee which is one of the few books I refuse to part with.
So I prefer to think of Cirilai as an homage to Tolkien’s fantastical tome. It also makes me wonder if this ring also has powers. It was by Vayl’s family, who have access to clandestine abilities. A living Vayl knew how to summon a vampire (not the sanest of ideas), so perhaps Jaz’s current flux in power is an effect of Cirilai – as well as donating a little blood to Vayl. Is it boosting her Sensitivity or allowing easier access to abilities she simply hasn’t learnt to use or is even aware of.

All this is very interesting but the main attractive of this chapter is obviously between the two most important women in Vayl’s existence.
Jaz being utterly tired, makes a few mistakes during Liliana’s over-confident attacks. Luckily Jaz knows the layout of the safe house, including the secret staircase leading to the roof garden; a neat feature.
Of course there is the obligatory banter between the two opponents, which turns out to be both amusing and informative. I learnt a little more about both women.
Jaz manages to hold her own but why she feels it would be Vayl’s place to kill BarbieVamp and not her is beyond me. It is the main reason why she does not transform Grief into it’s crossbow mode; the first thing I would have done.
Not that I battle many vampires.

Vayls’ reaction to Jaz’s survival is very telling, as is the short conversation that follows.
But I wonder what it was that Pete said on the phone that had the investigating police not only ignore the vampire incident & the associated blood spattered pavement outside the condo, but to be so amused at Jaz’s expense.

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