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Multilingual Christmas Short Works Collection 2009

LibriVox logoThis collection is for poems, songs and short stories in any language with a Christmas theme.

Librivox volunteers from around the world bring you Christmas stories, carols and poems in English, German, Hungarian, Latin, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.
A merry Christmas to you all!

My contribution to this collaborative project is the poem “Christmas Day by Hartley Coleridge”.

http://www.archive.org/download/multilingual_christmas_0912_librivox/19_english_christmasday_coleridge_rn_64kb.mp3″Running time=1m 17s (mp3@64kb)

Was it a fancy, bred of vagrant guess,
Or well-remember’d fact, that He was born
When half the world was wintry and forlorn,
In Nature’s utmost season of distress?
And did the simple earth indeed confess
Its destitution and its craving need,
Wearing the white and penitential weed,
Meet symbol of judicial barrenness?
So be it; for in truth ’tis ever so,
That when the winter of the soul is bare,
The seed of heaven at first begins to grow,
Peeping abroad in desert of despair.
Full many a floweret, good, and sweet, and fair,
Is kindly wrapp’d in coverlet of snow.

This poem can also be found here.

Download locations: mp3 128kb : mp3 64kb : ogg vorbis.
Catalogue pages: LibriVox, Internet Archive.
Zip of the entire book (136MB@64kb), featuring all the different readers for this project.

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