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Once Bitten Twice Shy notes; chapter 8

Once Bitten, Twice Shy
Chapter 8
Whoever is doing the spying against the intrepid duo is very good & really creepy.
Someone knows about Vayl’s aversion to snakes and has the contacts to deploy a snake into Vayl’s luggage. Lucky for him that most of his clothes required for the mission last night were in a different bag, otherwise the snake might have been alive when he opened the suitcase.
Lucky for Jaz too, ’cause now she has the image of an extremely well built & naked Vayl imprinted on her retinas. Even if she did avert her gaze after busting into his room, two seconds is a heck of a long time for such an event. She more than likes what she has seen, so despite what I said about the last chapter, it seems the sexual tension has been cranked up anyway.

First the God’s Arm goons. Then the snake. Now the blood. Who is doing this?

Jaz then finds out that his blood supply has also been tainted. So someone has access to something extremely personal to Vayl and that can’t bode well. I agree with Jaz, these two attacks coupled with last nights clandestine scuffle are but a pre-cursor for a bigger fight.
Jaz’s suggestion that one of the senators may be the mole, (or spy, pick a favourite), certainly seems logical. Some politicians have a tendency to cover their own backs regardless of who gets shoved into the line of fire. It seems politicians (& lawyers?) have a habit to be badly behaved in fiction at some point. Then again, it literally could be anyone, ruling out Pete is a start, but suspicions are likely to fly all over place. Is there something in Vayl’s past that may hold a clue? Against Raptor, Aidyn Strait or possibly even the mole?

So, Vayl no longer has a decent supply of blood. Sucks to be a vampire (ha! a pun, & a crap one at that) with a vow not to hunt. I don’t like the idea of him going out to a known donor, it may seem like a good solution but it could also be a trap.
The phobia to snakes is known to someone with seriously nasty intentions, any donor that Vayl may know could also be compromised. Therefore, it is the most practical solution for Jaz to offer to be the donor. He knows her, trusts her. As she does with him. Vayl’s caution towards the effects of drinking from a known Sensitive is understandable, but Jaz’s offer is the only one that is reasonable. He’s out of options and he realises this despite his reservations.
Jaz on the other hand, scoffs at any effects Vayl’s feeding from her may have. In the end though, a link (however permanent) has been forged between them thanks to the magical backlash of his powers & from her offering her blood. A solid friendship was already in the making despite the short time they’ve known each other. Jaz’s offer will not only cement that friendship but possibly even expand it, enhance it on a deeper level than was initially possible.

I originally described Vayl as an eclectic ensemble of various fictional characters from other stories, I’m adding Vulcan to that mix since he can now read Jaz’s thoughts & emotions after feeding from her. Not that she likes that in the very least.

You were supposed to give me superpowers. You were supposed to make me fly. You weren’t supposed to march through my thoughts like a lumberjack in a rainforest!

This above all has Vayl convinced that they are now joined, on a supernatural level I guess, he doesn’t really explain how this joining works.
He decides to give her his family ring based on this joining, a ring that is called Cirilai – which means Guardian apparently. Not only is there a small glimpse of Vayl’s past but Jaz is now in possession of a powerful artefact containing ancient power. She had only heard of such things existing, now she has one on her finger.
All this leads to the reason Vayl requested her specifically as his partner, an answer Jaz has craved since the beginning of their partnership.

Jaz herself seems unaffected by their joining, despite her blackout, but I suppose she could have also been affected by the the act. On a deeper subconscious level, maybe kicking her own Sensitive abilities into a higher gear. Vayl reckons she has much to learn (grasshopper) & this may well have changed her. For the better? I doubt she’ll experience an epiphany but she may gain some insight into controlling that vampire-radar she already knows about. At least, I hope she does, there are three known vampire targets, four if you include Raptor, and it would be of considerable advantage to be able to finally pinpoint their locations before they descend upon Jaz & Vayl.
Bergman is en route even as they decide on bringing Cole into the mix. It may not be a perfect solution, but they’re meeting with him anyway, options are limited and stopping that virus is the priority. Perhaps meeting Cole will turn out to be fortuitous.


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