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Once Bitten Twice Shy notes; chapter 7

Once Bitten, Twice Shy
Chapter 7
Vayl is a fantastic person to work for/with.
How many bosses order a high class breakfast for you, laden with all the food you love to eat on those special mornings. i.e. The mornings that you wake up bruised & battered thanks to some covert, underhanded, sneaky bad guys.
Only in fiction can this ever happen.
So, as Jaz salutes Vayl, so do I.

I saluted his closed door with my mug and said, “To you, Boss. May you never realize how much I truly like you.”

Except I get the feeling he already has an ankling about Jaz’s feelings towards him. Wish Vayl could see her from within the confines of his room & that nifty anti-light mosquito-styled bed canopy. Might’ve moved the sexual tension up a notch no doubt.

And now the paranoia begins…
As Jaz makes the call in to her boss, she suddenly realises that someone had to have known the who, what, why and where about Jaz & Vayl.
So now she has to filter out who to trust & who not to.
Pete’s secretary, Martha, sounds like a fun woman but can she be trusted? Jaz does some dot-to-dot joining concerning the rental car & Martha and doesn’t seem to like the picture. Not that I blame her, it’s not only her life on the line or that of Vayl’s existence but there’s that virus to be concerned about. Plus all the freaky connections that seem to be popping up around the “Raptor”.
Once she starts with doubting Martha, in mid telephone conversation too, she begins to throw suspicion on the whole department & anyone connected to it.
When she eventually gets to talk to Pete, her boss sees through her ruse to bring in outside help. Someone paranoid enough to never let anyone know everything about anything. At any time, for any reason.

However it would be nice to have someone outside the Agency we knew we could trust, because you never knew what these loons were going to throw at you. And I had an ideal candidate in mind.
“I want to bring in Bergman.”

Bergman, the tech-head.
His description reminds me of the “Lone Gunmen” from the X-Files TV show. Especially the phone call. Only, Bergman seems to have access to tech the “Gunmen” didn’t have. He might even be paranoid enough to have invented new tech the opposition has no chance of getting, hence circumventing the problem of eavesdropping & it’s ilk, outright.
I love the crack about handling over Jaz’s first newborn in order to keep Bergman’s secrets. Cute.
As Jaz tells Pete, muscle they’ve got. Bergman will bring the tech & the extra paranoia to cover the mission.
After feeling better about Pete & his allegiances and leaving a message to the freelance paranoid geek, Jaz has the good sense to do some extra background research on the rest of the department; Senators Fellen, Tredd, and Bozcowski included. She doesn’t leave out anyone connected to the mission either, so Cole Bemont is rooted out & placed in the list of good guys.
She’s at ease about him being a good guy but, what if the spy or spies are aware that Jaz or Vayl would double & triple check everyone associated with the CIA’s department or the current mission, Cole included. Or maybe I’ve caught the paranoia bug.

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