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Once Bitten Twice Shy notes; chapter 5

Once Bitten, Twice Shy
Chapter 5
Sensitivity to vampires comes with an unerring sense of direction. Ho-kay. It seems these skills came along after, whatever incident I still don’t know about and come on! give me a hint. Jaz is CIA now, did she bodge a mission which maybe came with a whack against the skull? It would explain the blackouts she now has to cope with.
At least this new internal GPS allows her to get back to the pink suite at the “Diamond Suites”.

What?! Vayl is afraid of snakes? Phobias. A few of them. Not that Vayl seems to be forthcoming about them judging from the interaction between the intrepid duo.
Vampires with phobias, I think that’s a new one even on me and I’ve read my fair share of vamp-related novels. From Bram Stoker to Anne Rice, I’ve tried most types. See my entries on Twilight (waste of a perfectly decent forest that one), I really will give almost any book a fair chance. Phobias though, perhaps it’s a throw-back from Vayl’s human days. As much a part of his personality as his crappy excuse for humour.
He does have a point about the mission, it may be seriously compromised and the two of them could be in danger.
That virus though, it seems that both of them have that as the new priority, seconded only to discovering the identity of the mystery vampire Assan met with. I guess Assan has some breathing space for the time being. Jaz should lean on Amanda for some Intel, perhaps bring that Cole guy back in to help, since he thinks he knows the wife so well.

Oh heck, Pete. It’s not surprising that he blows up about the Lexus even if it wasn’t Jaz’s fault. He, no doubt, has become used to her smashing & blowing things up.
The identity of the mysterious vamp is now named as Aidyn Strait, whose name…

rang bells all over Top Secret Land

and sounds like a wicked amalgamation of Herr Frankenstein & a couple of the worst cases of movie nut jobs with a science degree, coupled with a hankering for being labelled the next Jack the Ripper. The kind of guy you might introduce to Mother. The one the neighbours always say is quiet & polite after they’ve found out the guy is a chainsaw-wielding cannibal with a thing for human hair.
Aidyn should be a barrel of laughs down the pub then.
His last project sounds like an absolute scream. Literally.
Both Aidyn & Assan have connection to the aforementioned Rapter, who seems to be financing them both through the Sons of Paradise and a pharmaceutical company called JetVitale.
If you’re gonna take over the world to either a)dominate it or b)destroy it, best do it through some major money makers. Don’t bother applying for a government grant ’cause it just won’t cut it in the long run.
Interestingly, Jaz is more interested in finding out if she can keep her job at this point, since Pete really is fuming. Luckily Vayl assures her that her place at his side is solid & is considered one of Pete’s best agents.

“Oh.” I drained my beer, marched into my bedroom, closed the doors, buried my face in the pillows, and burst into tears.

Ahhhh. Poor pet, good job Vayl is there to comfort her, which is why she chooses now to ask why he picked her 6 months ago.
Last November, something terrible must have happened. Not just a blow to the skull bad like I originally thought, but the kind you’re usually supposed to die from.
Not only did she survive the whatever-it-was but now she has Gifts which are only beginning to surface. The sensitivity & sense of direction being just the tip of the iceberg from what Vayl is saying. He wants to help her develop those Gifts, explore them. Why? He’s not saying but he tells Jaz that he will when the time is right for them both.
Something else to ponder.
I feel like cheating & having a look at some of the other novels for more information, but that would spoil it. So I won’t cheat. But I have made the decision to buy some more in the Jaz Parks series.
See I’m investing in more ebooks, I’m saving the planet one tree at a time. Yay for me!

The chapter closes with Vayl settling down for the day.
He doesn’t sleep in coffins, Jaz & I agree there may be a phobia in there somewhere. Although, it is rather impractical to be lugging a flipping huge coffin around the world with you. A blackout tent makes much more sense, practical and efficient since you can use it one any bed available. Much like a mosquito tent.

I’d love to have one myself, just because the kid in me thinks it would be a real hoot, like camping out only without the bugs.

I concur, since I’m not overly keen on strong sunlight either.

Heard him whisper, “Good night, my avhar.” But I was so tired I thought he said the whole thing in Romanian and none of it sank in.

Avhar? Excuse me, be back after I’ve looked that one up.

An explanation follows, taken from Jennifer Rardin’s website – Weird Words from Jaz’s World.

NOTE: could be considered a bit of a spoiler.
There, I’ve done my bit of warning.

Avhar—[pronounced of-har’ (rhyming with car)] At the beginning of the series Jaz isn’t clear what her role as Vayl’s avhar is supposed to be. Deeper in we learn that avhar is a Vampere word referring to a vampire’s closest companion, someone who is a friend, protector, confidant, conscience—if required—and (sometimes) lover.

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