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Once Bitten Twice Shy notes; chapter 4

Once Bitten, Twice Shy
Chapter 4
More back history for Jaz’s character, (specifically her worst childhood memory – her 10th birthday), and of her family.
During this memory, I learn that Dad was an active soldier serving in the first Desert Storm campaign, her sister Evie cries whenever Jasmine cries and that the young Jasmine had to contend with a particularly vindictive twelve year old neighbour at the Quantico base where they lived.
A lesson is hard-learned at this stage in young Jasmine’s life.

…nothing ever goes according to plan. Nothing. Not ever.

Because of said neighbour, Jaz was always a little afraid that her Dad wouldn’t be coming home. Her Mom’s sudden heart attack seems to have come out of the blue, cementing that …nothing ever goes according to plan. Nothing. Not ever.
She rarely lets herself be surprised by anything or anyone, preparing herself for almost every eventuality.
Which is why she really is surprised at being followed while covertly following Assan & his vampire passenger.
Although this SUV is not satisfied with merely following, it’s occupants deem it necessary to try & wreck a perfectly decent Lexus. (Oh what a travesty!)
All while Jaz & Vayl are inside it.
Naturally, Vayl has prepared Jaz for situations like this with those specialised driving lessons, although I don’t think recovering from air bags was part of the training.

…when one goes off in your face it still feels like you just got your neck sprung by a Rock ’Em Sock ’Em Robot.

Verbally assaulting a bad guy who is towering over you; cute but not necessarily smart. Jaz may only have one seriously heavy duty bad guy to deal with, but Vayl has got three. Armed with knowledge of vampires, silver crucifixes, a dodgilly built crossbow and a T-shirt with an orange Jesus Saves logo. Jaz may be right that these guys might not even know who Assan is.

As Graybeard yanked me around to Vayl’s side of the car, two big lightbulbs went off in my brain, which probably meant I was flirting with an aneurism.

I find found that quote morbidly funny & I just had to share. I’m just weird that way.
In any case, Jaz recognises the Jesus Saves guy as a fellow sensitive. Must be the way he warns Vayl against throwing out a whammy.

“God’s Arm.” Vayl’s instant reply pleased our captors. It’s always nice to have your ultrafanatical religious affiliation recognized.

So how is Jaz going to fend off the towering bad guy, Graybeard, while wearing a killer party dress, sandals & few weapons?
Answer: Yell something girlishly about a snake & then hit him so hard it’s possible that Bruce Lee himself may give you kudos for ninja brutality. Whoopee! More!

Not only had the adrenaline slowed time until I could’ve captured the moonlight in my fist and used it as the ultimate flashbang, it had given me rearview vision too.

Of course for the bad guys it all ends rather quickly, and badly. Some of them are worse of than the others, precious little information is removed from them.
Whoever sent them, knew who Jaz & Vayl are and where they’d be. Whoever he is, may be known to them. May even be considered an ally or friend.
Whoever it is, the situation sucks all round.

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