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World War Z notes; Total War chapter 1

World War Z

Disclaimer: notes transcribed as is, no editing has been made so as to preserve my original feelings as I read the chapter.

Part 7, Total War; Chapter 1, General D’Ambrosia.

General D’Ambrosia, although fictional, must have been based on real person as most of these characters are.
What I have difficulty believing is the amount of common sense that D’Ambrosia relates.
He himself thinks the idea of a General has been totaly warped beyond all reasonable comprehension.

Maybe it was Hollywood, or the civilian press, or maybe we did it to ourselves by allowing those insipid, egocentric clowns—the MacArthurs and Halseys and Curtis E. LeMays—to define our image to the rest of the country.

I’m not sure if this characters statements can be trusted, yet he seems believable & sincere.
The idea that General D’Ambrosia was actually fearful of sending more soldiers to fight a virtually unstoppable force just adds to his credibility.
Is it just that I have come to believe those in power are all out for themselves. Am I tarring them all with the same brush perhaps, if so I will have to become more open-minded when it come to the military & politics. I’m fairly open-minded about most subjects but perhaps I’ve become a little too jaded in regards to these two topics..

His way of thinking is rather practical, he admits the difficulty in visualising two hundred million zombies and that the current way of warring is obviously not the way to tackle such an enemy.
Makes me wonder about his military education & background.
He understands the logistics behind an army and that the undead have no need for these restrictions/resources.
D’Ambrosia’s war beyond the Rocky Mountains would be a long and arduous battle, and if he was as worried about his soldiers as he claims, then his would be the most mentally & emotionally difficult role of all America’s military might.


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