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Forgiveness by George William Russell

LibriVox logoLibriVox volunteers bring you 19 recordings of Forgiveness by George William Russell (1867-1935). This was the weekly poetry project for June 7th, 2009.
http://www.archive.org/download/forgiveness_0906_librivox/forgiveness_russell_rn_64kb.mp3″Running time=1m 17s (mp3@64kb)

At dusk the window panes grew grey;
The wet world vanished in the gloom;
The dim and silver end of day
Scarce glimmered through the little room.

And all my sins were told; I said
Such things to her who knew not sin–
The sharp ache throbbing in my head,
The fever running high within.

I touched with pain her purity;
Sin’s darker sense I could not bring:
My soul was black as night to me:
To her I was a wounded thing.

I needed love no words could say;
She drew me softly nigh her chair,
My head upon her knees to lay,
With cool hands that caressed my hair.

She sat with hands as if to bless,
And looked with grave, ethereal eyes;
Ensouled by ancient quietness,
A gentle priestess of the Wise.

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Zip of the entire book (11MB@64kb), featuring all the different readers for this weeks poem.


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