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World War Z notes; The Great Panic chapter 6

World War Z

Disclaimer: notes transcribed as is, no editing has been made so as to preserve my original feelings as I read the chapter.

Part 3, The Great Panic; Chapter 6, Ahmed Farahnakian.

I feel sorry for Ahmed & his fellow Iranians. To be so close to controlling Iran’s borders, only for political nonsense to interfere and endanger everyone.
I never really looked too closely at the maps of Iran. I know where it is & it’s neighbouring countries but I hadn’t really thought too much about the terrain.
Mountains, valley passes and very few roads into or out of Iran, all make the borders reasonably defensible.
Living with a nuclear threat, unfortunately makes such defences irrelevant but as Ahmed no-one thought they would ever be used. They were merely a military & political statement of power & might. Neighbouring countries had them so why not Ahmed’s country.
Personally I’ve never really understood this approach, all it takes to wreck the entire idea is a bored or paranoid nutter sitting next to the button.
However, in this case, we not only get a general type (a paranoid nutter) but one who refuses to communicate with anyone. Including his superiors. No wonder it all went to hell, in a hand basket.
Now that entire block of countries had to deal with masses of infected, dead armies of chomping teeth and now nuclear fallout.
Does a radiated zombie pose an even greater threat? Once you’re dead probably not, but will the radiation cause the virus to mutate further, perhaps spreading the virus to other non-human species…hmmmm.

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