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World War Z notes; The Great Panic chapters 4 & 5

World War Z

Disclaimer: notes transcribed as is, no editing has been made so as to preserve my original feelings as I read the chapter.

Part 3, The Great Panic; Chapter 4, Maria Zhuganova

Sounds like Maria was a typical Russian soldier. The army wasn’t a place to serve your country or be patriotic, those days were long over. Although I remember stories about Stalin giving his soldiers an ultimatum, fight for mother Russia or we shoot you now. Morton’s Fork.
To Maria, it was just employment, that came with a place to sleep. Food and occasionally some money.

The officials closed the ears & eyes of their countrymen. Even the army troops, the regulars that is, didn’t know about the impending “Great Panic”, the virus or the zombie. So of course, when a sharpshooter in Maria’s outfit is told to shoot a little girl, who just happens to be already dead, he refuses. As he should, he doesn’t know because no-one wants to spread the right information.
The troops weren’t to know of the danger, they weren’t informed afterwards either. That’s why they all rebelled against their orders, Maria included.

The reprisals were quick but effective. Decimation.

To “decimate”…I used to think it meant just to wipe out, cause horrible damage, destroy…it actually means to kill by a percentage of ten, one out of every ten must die…and that’s exactly what they did to us.

Maria willingly picked up the offer rock and helped to decimate her troop. Effectively giving up all remaining autonomous decision.

The freedom to point to someone else and say “They told me to do it! It’s their fault, not mine.” The freedom, God help us, to say “I was only following orders.”

I can only assume it was already too late for Maria’s family. They lived just across the borders of China.

Part 3, The Great Panic; Chapter 5, T. Sean Collins

This guy describes himself as a mercenary.
He states, not the cliché variety, he was just an “ordinary Joe” who just happened to have been trained by the army. Trained to become a killer.
Instead of leaving home again to get shot at, or staying home & becoming a desk clerk or a mechanic, Collins decides to use the skills the army had given him.

There’s nothing more marketable than knowing how to kill some people while keeping others from being killed.

One such job during “The Great Panic” was for a big shot dick weed with more money than sense and a massive sense of self-importance.
His employer (no names are given from here on in, but I like the guessing game involved) is the type of no-sense idiot who’d walk into a poor deprived community dripping with gold & money and then wonder why he got mugged, or worse.
So, this cheese-ball sets up the ultimate survival home on a “long” beach near Manhattan, fills it with up various (as previously stated unnamed) celebrities, some of whom I like to think I recognise, and of course the entourage that comes with each celebrity. All to transmit from the house web cams, even inviting the “press” to help inflate his ego and somehow expected the general public not to demand safe haven.
As T. says, he was paid to shoot zombies not some unfortunate who just wanted some place safe for themselves and their families.
I guess an over inflated ego can rot all sense of logic & decency. T. is right, they should have kept quiet instead of being so egocentric and just rode out the storm. They had the money and the means. I’ve no pity for them and it seems T. doesn’t either.

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