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World War Z notes; Blame chapter 1

World War Z

Disclaimer: notes transcribed as is, no editing has been made so as to preserve my original feelings as I read the chapter.

Part 2, Blame. Chapter 1, Bob Archer.

I immediately like Bob’s sense of humour. To describe an image of the all powerful CIA as an omnipresent octopus with far reaching tentacles is hilarious.
His description does have a point. There are those who truly believe in the all powerful image the CIA seems to have actively cultivated, fuelled both by paranoia & the movies.
Of course, this just reminds me of an old quote.

Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you.

A by-product of the 50’s cold war when everyone was suspicious and under suspicion, especially in America.

Bob describes the “chain of comman” & how the agency lost many employees due to blame, scape-goats, political suicide & a total lack of faith in the intelligence of those the agency employed. Ultimately this attitude is the reason Bob was transferred out to Buenos Aires, a swift congratulation for voicing his concerns about the zombie plague.

It seems the Chinese Intelligence community successfully pulled the wool over the eyes of the global intelligence community.
What’s worse is that a few years after the initial outbreaks, the Warmbrunn-Knight report is found at the bottom of some lazy bureaucrat’s stack of papers.
Too late to make any difference to global events, despite the urgent, top secret & eyes only markings on the paperwork. Reminds me of the movie “Tora Tora Tora”, and the events that transpired before the attack at Pearl Harbour during World War II. Another bureaucratic fiasco. From both sides.


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