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World War Z notes; Warnings chapter 5

World War Z

Disclaimer: notes transcribed as is, no editing has been made so as to preserve my original feelings as I read the chapter.

Part 1. Warnings; Chapter 5, Jacob Nyathi

Max’s meeting with Jacob begins with Jacob’s ship. The “IS Imfingo”. A fantastic, futuristic vision of what wind power could do for humanity. I’d love to see a fleet of those floating out of port.

Jacob’s account is not so inspiring. I’ve always had difficulties grasping a post apartheid South Africa. Envisioning this country that, only recently, pulled itself back together, a people getting used to the idea of being united, now having to deal with a horrendous outbreak of a yet unidentified disease. To me spells a recipe for disaster.

The authorities are clueless, I guess they treated the outbreak in Jacob’s home as a riot or an uprising. A horrible thought and I don’t like the fact that I thought of the word uprising, but perhaps the police force in a post apartheid neighbourhood would think exactly that.

The idea that these people may be fleeing for their lives, is so totally foreign a concept that the police shot on sight, without a second thought.
This was Jacob’s fate, shot in the shoulder and rendered unconscious.
When he comes to, I can understand the amount of arguments he (somewhat hazily) overhears.
Doctors don’t expect their patients to react to bullet wounds in such a brutal manner.

Many have noticed the black ooze that the re-animated have dripping from their various wounds, what is left of the infected person bodily fluids. Although the victim is no longer alive, it has been put forward that infected organs & blood from living donors can spread the zombie virus. Can the congealed, dead blood that is the black ooze also spread the infection, a bite is enough to transmit the virus. I can’t help but wonder how many cuts & grazes have been infected. Easily done in Jacob’s home of a shanty town, with so many people escaping from their makeshift homes. So much rubbish lying around, so many homes made from old salvaged wood & corrugated iron. So many sharp edges.


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