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The Wonderful Wizard of Oz; Notes on Chapter 19

Wonderful Wizard of Oz, The

Chapter 19. Attacked by the Fighting Trees

Disclaimer: notes transcribed as is, no editing has been made so as to preserve my original feelings as I read the chapter.

The friends bid farewell to the Emerald City, the residents are sad to see Dorothy leave but have no doubt that Scarecrow is the right person to rule their city. Certainly no-one has been glad to be rid of him.
As they hardly know the man of straw they have excepted his right to rule without question, which is oddly accepting of them.

The journey to the South is so far, only minorly impeded by the trees and then only by the trees on the outskirts of the forest. But what of this white wall of porcelain.

A white wall at the edge of the forest, could this mean that Glinda’s lands are colour-coded white.
White is also the colour (if you can call white a colour) representing powerful witches.
Just guessing though.

I’ve been wondering about the trees. Guardians.
A person might draw comparisons to J. R. R. Tolkien’s “Ents”, but of course The Wonderful Wizard of Oz pre-dates The Lord of the Rings so I can only wonder if my fellow Midlander Tolkien ever read the works of L. Frank Baum.
Funny how some thoughts can go round and round in my head.

And the drums never stop…

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