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The Wonderful Wizard of Oz; Notes on Chapter 7

Wonderful Wizard of Oz, The

Chapter 7.The Journey to the Great Oz

Disclaimer: notes transcribed as is, no editing has been made so as to preserve my original feelings as I read the chapter.

The food is gone.
As they rest for the night, each companion tries to make himself useful. Lion’s suggestion of a deer for dinner unfortunately does make the Tin-man somewhat appalled at the idea of killing. Scarecrow manages to forage some nuts for Dorothy to eat instead.
Would Tin-man let Dorothy & Toto starve because of his ideal? I’m not certain but it is unlikely.

They reach, what seems to be an impasse. Scarecrow & Lion collaborate & find the solution, showing that perhaps they are not so short on brains & bravery as they each might think. Tin-man has shown shown he has heart too. Why can they not all see this, when it seems so plain and clear.
Well, Lion has got an inkling as Scarecrow comes up with another good idea at the second obstacle. This time with the assistance of Tin-man’s skills. After which the Kalidah’s make an appearance.
Bodies like bears, head like a tigers’, claws razor sharp. Yet Lion brings up the rear across their make-shift bridge, protecting the group. Even when across, he puts Dorothy behind him in an effort to keep her safe. Such bravery in the face of self-proclaimed cowardice. However, there is no need to fight as Scarecrow tells Tin-man to destroy the bridge with his axe and all are safe, though Tin-man is terribly sad for the Kalidah’s demise.
Each of the three show more of the traits they are wishing for, as time goes by. Is Dorothy’s presence the reason?
She is considered a sorceress, wears the silver slippers & bears the kiss of the Northern witch. Perhaps close proximity to the slippers is enough or just that these gifts were always there but unnoticed.

At the third obstacle, the river, Scarecrow thinks that a raft would be the best method to traverse it, so Tin-man sets to work.
Scarecrow finds a fruit-laden tree for Dorothy – who must be sick of her current nuts-only diet.
As Tin-man toils, the others rest for the night. It’s a good job he never gets tired as I don’t think the others would know how to build a raft.

So much happened in this chapter, I’ve already mentioned the developments of the three companions, it seemed this chapter was more about them than Dorothy. They have saved her & Toto and proved to be loyal companions. I did feel that Tin-man has had less to say this time and yet it was balanced as had more to do.


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